This is my first time having fish in a while

The 2 betta are in separate fish bowl
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I am leaving on a vacation for about a week or six days. My betta is in a tank with no filter. I usually clean the tank once a week so that will be no prob but feeding and temp of tank I am worried about. We got these time release food blocks but am still worried. I am not trying to be a bad fish owner it’s just I am at a loss. PLEASE HELP!!!
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I'm going on a weekend vacation in the morning. And I only remembered that someone would need to feed my betta fish this night. If I can't find someone to feed him I have two options. We have a betta here at work, I usually stop by during the weekends and feed it ..
Photo provided by FlickrIf I could use those 3 day food tabs they use for other FW fish?
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I've seen these 'tablets' that you can drop in your fish bowl if you are going to be away a few days. When I read the package it doesn't specify Betta. Are they classified under tropical fish? Thanks for your input....
Other Pet Discussions : Can a weekend feeder be used for Betta fish?...For shorter periods of time, such as a long weekend, you can leave the fish to go without food.

Now, we must say this isn’t recommended and shouldn’t be done often as missing feeds is not good for your lovely betta fish
and could lead to organ problems and make them more susceptible to disease.One item that is recommended for vacations longer than 1 week or more is an automatic feeder. They are only recommended if you get a high quality one though; you cannot cheap out here because you get what you pay for. Cheap automatic feeders have killed a lot of betta fish since their inception. They’re both inaccurate and unreliable – not feeding at all or dumping the entire amount in at once. This leads to death by overeating or through water pollution and disease while you’re away. If you do purchase one of these, make sure it is highly reviewed like and set it up a couple days prior to learn how it performs. This product has a built in timer, allows you to portion out the food, and will dish out up to 14 individual meals. This is a great option if you plan to be gone for over a week.Freeze-dried betta food should be given as a supplement to their staple diet. In general, you can feed this type of fish food 2-3 times per week.I suggest finding a staple beta fish food such as a or flake and feeding this 3-4 times per week. Supplement 2-3 times per week with the other different types of betta food that I will cover below.Bettas, like most fish, benefit from a diverse diet of live, frozen and dry foods. One of the most nutritious pellets for a betta are Hikari betta Bio Gold. Including live black worms or freeze dried black worms in their diet will make a betta’s color more vibrant. Like many fish, bettas also love being treated to live or frozen brine shrimp. Bettas are easy to feed over a weekend by adding Betta Banquet vacation feeder.