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-No aquarium salt please. I know many aquarists recommend it with a few different arguments but it is unnecessary and can actually harm the fish. Freshwater fish are freshwater fish for a reason.
-Algae fixing products are unnecessary and can do more harm than good even when you do have an algae problem. Fix the underlying nutrient imbalance, not the symptoms!
-Liquid aquarium test kit. Do you have one? Probably the most crucial piece of equipment of them all. If your tank isn’t properly cycled your betta is at risk.
-What your plants need depends on what kind of plants you have. Many of the easier plants will do pretty alright without any additional fertilizer, Co2 or very strong lights. Many of the more demanding plants do need a lot of special care and are not ideal if you’re not “devoted” to your aquascape.
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In nature Bettas feed on insects at the surface, so small pellet food or worms (such as tubifex or blood worms) will be the best choice for them. Be careful with your feedings. Overfeeding will cause the water to become cloudy and smelly from the accumulation of decayed food. This water will, in time, become harmful to the fish. When feeding, remember that less is best. A safe recommendation is to feed 2 to 4 pieces of food every other day. Betta and Community Fish Tank Care: Water Quality - YouTube
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If you are only 9 years old yet smart enough to write this post then it shows you are smart enough to ask your mom or dad to get you a good betta book so that you can take the very best of care for your fish by reading it well. Then if you have any questions you can always ask someone. But if you do that make sure they know what they are talking about. Stay away from Petco and Walmart and stores like that because even though they sell fish they really don't know much about them and only care about the money each fish can bring them. In fact, I would not buy ANY fish from them. Here is a picture of one of my fish from Ebay-{here you will also need to know who you are dealing with}. As he got older the blue spread out into his fins. This fish is known as a Over Half Moon or OHM Rosetail. These types of fish need extra care. They definitely need a beta hammock, nothing sharp in the tank, and space to move around in. All betta with similar fins need this. I do water changes like this: every 2 to 3 days I do partial changes up to 50% of the water. When I do this I siphon all the poopy off the bottom. I then fill the tank back up WITH SAME TEMPERATURE water using Betta Ultimate water conditioner. Now, you may only be 9 but I believe you can take of your little friend the right way. But it is up to you to learn how. Okay?The next part of betta fish care that is critical to the health of the fish is to keep the container and water very clean. Part of keeping the container clean is to use care when feeding your fish. Excess food will accumulate at the bottom and cause bacterial growth and cloud the water. I suggest feeding your fish with the standard betta food pellets by dropping in just one pellet at a time, perhaps 3 or 4 times per day. Not only will this help keep the container clean, it will also prevent overfeeding which can cause swim bladder problems which can kill betta fish.Please read all comments carefully. She placed him in a .5 gallon for medicinal and cleaning reasons. Not for him to live but to heal. I have a 1 gallon hospital just for any of my fish in case they take ill. After usage it gets sterilized and is ready if needed with a quick rinse of hot water, filled up, dosed with betta Ultimate and whatever med is needed.I think you really love your beta, and want to do the best for it. Your beta tank is way to small, a beta is a big fish, and can.t be happy in such a little space to live. Think, you have to live your life in a space, as litte as a airplane toillet. I'm sad to say it, but in this little tank, it will not live a long time. Just search at google about taking good care of a beta, and you'll find lots of instructions about the size a tank should have. It also needs a filter, to get all its waste out of the water, and keep the water fresh and clean, places to hide, can be rockholes, or high plants, so it feels save. I'm absolutely not judging you, some petstores don't care of they sell proper envirements for the pets, and don't give always the right information, they only think about selling. Others really take care, and give you a really good advise, as they all should do I think. I think your little fellow needs more space, some gravel on the bottom, a few plants, en places to hide. It is a tropical fish, so a heater would be nice, and a filter is really needed. If he gets this, I'm sure, you'll have a happy beta, wich has enough space to show all his beauty, and even is gonna come to you wenn you're near his tank. (sorry for my bad english :-)). Wishing you all the luck and lots of joy with you're betta.