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I keep a blue male Betta in a 20 gallon tall tank with 5 zebra danios, 5 black phantom tetras, mystery snail and a dwarf orange cray fish..Betta likes chasing off the other fish but they are way too fast to him to catch…also had 2 honey garoumis at one point and did OK..trying to decide what to add next..Note: my angel and pearl garoumi I use to have in same tank did a hurtful number on my Betta and has since fully recovered and those aggressive fish are now in a 55g…Betta’s and garoumis are both labrynth fish and can not be together unless you want a dead Betta
Hi Emily, Goldfish and betta fish should not live together. I have a blog about .
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Betta fish don’t get along. Although, wild breeds and females are less aggressive, you should always be careful when placing Betta fish in a tank together. That poses obvious problems for breeding, but these fish can effectively be bred in captivity if you are careful and methodical in your approach. Even then, you will need to worry about fry (baby fish) mucking up the water so badly that it is unlivable. My suggestion is to reconsider having bettas together or with other fish
Photo provided by FlickrA goldfish is a cold water fish and a betta is a tropical fish. They should never be kept together.
Photo provided by FlickrI've heard you shouldn't put two betta fish together, but I've seen a male and female together. Sorry I'm not much help, but That's all I know.
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Myth: Female bettas are peaceful and can always be housed together or in tropical community tanks.
Reality: Many female bettas are equally as aggressive as males - with added speed and mobility due to their short finnage! Sorority tanks are only possible in a well-planted environment under highly specific population and gallonage conditions, and even then injuries and deaths are commonplace. Likewise, female bettas will often attack and injure community fish, especially ones who resemble bettas. Male and female bettas are almost equally solitary; the safest way to keep females, like males, is alone. If you do wish to keep a sorority or community tank with females, you must monitor closely, and read up on setting up such a tank safely. *Awarded Answer

The female betta fish is less aggressive than the male by far. This doesn’t mean that the female doesn’t have aggression though. For the best results, you should keep more than 3 of these fish together at once. The main reason is because they do have aggression and have a tendency to push the others around. The most ideal setup would be a 10 gallon aquarium with lots of plants. Myth: Bettas can be kept with goldfish since both live happily in bowls.
Reality: This myth is multi-dimensional. Bettas are arguably unsuitable for keeping in bowls due to the difficulties in maintaining appropriate temperature. Goldfish should never be kept in bowls due to their waste output, oxygenation needs, and growth potential. Improper housing aside, the two species are incompatible. Bettas are small, solitary, aggressive tropical fish which require soft, acidic, still water and pristine conditions. Goldfish are large, social, fin-nipping coldwater fish which demand harder, slightly base, well-oxygenated and filtered water. They are also massive waste producers and hosts to many parasites. In short, the two species are utterly incompatible, and should not be housed together under any circumstances - especially in bowls! Many people have this idea that it is only possible to keep one single betta fish in a tank and no more, more or less because they will kill each other, and yes, they may very well do that. However, there are people who put more than one betta (Siamese fighting) fish in one tank. The answer to the question is yes, you can put two betta fish together, but it has to be done properly or else you will end up with some dead fish, and nobody wants that.