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single fish, I would do a male betta in a 5 or 10 gallon tank with a filter and a heater.
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Interesting info here regarding heaters for small tanks. We recently bought 4 black molly fish (1 black, 1 white and 2 dalmatian) for a 10 gallon aquarium and 3 of them died.. I didn't realize some heaters worked better than others. Not sure what the brand of heater is on this tank. I wonder if that could have had something to do with the fish not making it. Also, you mentioned the Betta being more lethargic when it was just in the bowl. We have a Betta and it was originally in the 10 gallon tank but we took it out when we got the 4 black mollies and put the Betta in a large bowl. I noticed right away he was not near as active in the bowl.. in fact, for a while I thought he may be getting sick. I think I may need to get him a 5 gallon tank like you are talking about here. Great hub.. thanks for sharing!
Submersible Water Heater For Tropical Fish Tank Aquarium Pond or Bowl with Betta Koi Oscar Saltwater Aquadicted (50w)
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I tested this heater out for about a week while the cycling finished and was very impressed with the results. The Betta fish, who was more lethargic in his temporary bowl due to the colder water temperatures, was introduced to his tank and thrives now in his new home. After nearly two months in his new heated tank, he continues to be very active swimming and blowing bubble nests! Please consider keeping your Betta fish in at least a 5-gallon tank with the proper filtration and heater.
Photo provided by FlickrThe minimum size tank for a betta fish is 2.5 gallons with a heater and filter
Photo provided by FlickrList of high quality Aquarium Heater for Betta Fish for lowest price with free shipping Find out which heater is the best for your Betta tank or bowl.
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This cheap Betta tank heater is so easy to use all you need to do is drop it in the tank and turn it on. It comes pre-set to a temperature of 78 degrees F, which is within the ideal range for a variety of tropical plants and fish, including Bettas. LED indicators let you know exactly what’s going on with the tank temperature: a red light indicates that the water is being heated, while a green light indicates that the tank is at the ideal temperature.HI,
I have a 1.3 gallon (5L) tank, don’t have a betta yet and i live in New Zealand.
I decided to get my tank set up first and getting it relatively stable before even thinking about introducing a fish. I started by buying a 10W one of those shatterproof heaters and found it would not heat my tank at night above 16 Celcius (66 ish Farenheit), after this I replaced it with a 25W (same type of heater) which would not heat above 22 (72 Farenheit), exasperated i bought an elite 50W heater which for the last three days has kept my aquarium at a constant 26-27 Celcius (79-81 farenheit).
I am confused as to how it has taken this much Wattage to heat a small tank and whether I should trust this heater to keep my aquarium constant for my future pet.But Most of Aquarium Heaters are way too big for small tanks. is a really good one but even that one only for tanks from 2 gallons or more. So here’s a list of Aquarium Heaters which are suitable for Betta Fish tanks. Also highly recommend to keep a digital aquarium thermometer just to make sure you have right temperature in your tank. Whatever the heater you use plz plz use a thermometer along with it and keep an eye on that at least few days. We have to admit these electronic items sometimes don’t work as those are suppose to be. But you don’t want your poor Betta fish to become a ingredient for bowl of fish soup. Whatever the box says, whatever the manual says, whatever the reviews says always keep an eye on at least one day and see how it works. This is way you need an aquarium thermometer you must make sure it temperature doesn’t rise more than it should be.(using my webcam so this is poor quality)
Update on my betta fish heater. Thanks for all the comments on the last video. The manufacturers got back to me quickly with good information so I followed their advise despite it not being CSA. So Tiny Stephen is a whole lot happier in his warm tank now. It now sits around 78F instead of the 73F it was before.