How to setup Beautiful Betta Fish Tank

Betta Fish Tank Setup Ideas For Your Pet Fish That Make A Statement And Adds To Your Home Decor!
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Hi Betta newbie. It's impossible to say whether a larger tank would reduce aggression. My feeling is if your Betta is aggressive toward other fish now he'll probably continue that behavior in a new tank. I suggest focusing on moving Betta into a 5-10 gallon tank just for him rather than making such a huge move and hoping it works out. If your Betta is currently attacking and harassing other fish he can't stay in the community setup. This would also be a lot cheaper than buying a 55g.
The minimum tank size that should be used for a betta fish setup should be at least or larger.
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The first and most important part of the setup is the correct size of the fish tank. It follows a basic principle – The bigger the better. The minimal size of the fish tank needs to be of 2.5 gallons ( 10 litres ). But optimum size of the fish tank for the fish to happy and of bigger size is 4 gallons. This fish’s origin is a rice paddy field and thus it can never thrive in a small tank or bowl. The knowledge of Betta fish breeding can be gathered right from its natural origin. Betta Fish Tanks | ... fishes,betta fish,discus fish,arowana fish: tank setup for betta fish
Photo provided by FlickrSuccessful Betta fish care requires knowing the facts about their behaviors and tank setup.
Photo provided by FlickrBetta Fish Tank Setup Ideas For Your Pet Fish That Make A Statement And Adds To Your Home Decor!
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The in your tank should not pose a threat to your Betta’s safety. Be careful upon setup, that your Betta cannot get its fins stuck at the point of air intake and that the filter is set at a fairly low level. The fish get stressed when there is rapid movement in the water because it is very unlike the .UPDATE:

After doing some research, I realized that this tank is way too small for a betta. I just recently purchased a Tetra LED Aquarium Kit, 1.5 Gallon Cube with Whisper Filtration for him, and he is much happier and more active in it. I didn't mean to intentionally buy the wrong kit for him, it's just that the "professional" in the fish and pet stores advise people that all you need is a little tank for a betta and I have now found that's not the case.

I'll be making a new video showing my new setup soon and when I do I'll post the link here.


He likes this new tank so much better!


He REALLY loves it!I´ve got both good and bad news! The bad news is that my ordered Betta fish tank didn´t come by post this week, so I will have to wait for it. But the good news is that I´ve already been cycled a canteen with water and decided to setup a temporary tank for my Betta fish, so I can finally get him home tomorrow! In this video I will show you how to setup a temporary home for your Betta.And now you have set up a betta fish tank! It’s time to choose your new betta fish from the local pet store and add it to the newly setup aquarium.First, Sorry for the missing focus!! I still noob at this...hard to get the focus right XP

This is my setup for my new 5 Gallon tank,
Inside I got my Beautiful Male Halfmoon Beta : Hikki is his Name, He's really look comfortable in his house^^ even I put my hands inside, he doesn't afraid or run from me.. :)
I got him Tankmates : 3 Oto Catfish/Otocinclus
They seems get along well, well, the oto still afraid of Hikki tho.. but yeah they seems enjoy their own home :)

I plan to put 3 more Corydoras inside the Tank, what do you all think? is it too many fishes in 5 Gallon tank? comment me ur suggestion, thank you!

Fish :
1 Royal Blue Halfmoon Betta
3 Otocinclus/Oto catfish

Plant :
7 Big Marimos/Moss Balls
11 Small Marimos/Moss Balls

1 Ceramic Vase Cave
2 Plastic Aquaplant
2 Wide Leaf Silk Plants
5 'Eceng Gondok' Silk PLants
White Snow Gravels
A few of Arcylic Crystal and Balls
Sushi Mat as Aquarium Background (I put it outside back of the tank, so it won't rot!)

Tank : Nisso NS Medium 18 Litre
Filter : Resun CY-20
Lamp : LED 2 watt Lamp and 12 Watt Lamp

The Green Balls/Marimo all still alive and healthy..
but my Pretty Hikki is died because of the water condition :(
All the Ottos are healthy alive :)Almost every pet store that carries aquarium fish also sells betta fish. Unfortunately, betta fish are one of the most mistreated aquarium fish due to the false impression about their basic needs. Most fish stores carry betta fish in small plastic containers rather than in fish tanks. It is because betta fish will fight each other to death if they are not separated, and the pet stores will not invest money in one proper setup aquarium for every betta fish. Thus, the well-being of the betta fish is ignored.