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If you want to have a healthy, energetic, and , you need more than a top quality Betta fish tank.
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And remember, please don’t use tiny tanks or vases – the water gets dirty / poisonous fast and limiting the movement of the fish is unhealthy and just plain cruel. Yes, betta fish have evolved to survive in small areas of water for periods of time before finding their way back to a stream but the keyword there is survive – they are not happy or healthy, that isn’t a life!
Watch this helpful review video on the ViaAqua Quartz Betta Fish Tank Heater.
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I have a 1.5 gallon plastic tank for my betta fish. My apartment gets pretty cold especially when I turn the heat off when I leave for the day. I realized today that my fish's water must be really cold!

I'm having trouble figuring out if there are small heaters that are safe for a 1.5 gallon plastic tank. I'd ideally like to buy a heater for the tank I currently have, but will buy a new tank if there are not heaters safe for a small plastic tank.

Any suggestions/details on heaters I should use in a 1.5 gallon plastic tank (or heaters for a bit larger tanks) would be much appreciated!! Thank you! Hi Sophie, Betta fish can live in tanks that small but they thrive in 5 gallons! Happy and Healthy is what we want! 🙂
Photo provided by FlickrThe 25 gallon model is known as being one of the best betta fish heaters as it can heat water in small 7 gallon tanks up to 78 degrees F.
Photo provided by FlickrPlease consider keeping your Betta fish in at least a 5-gallon tank with the proper filtration and heater.
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I am the proud owner of three male Betta Splendens Anubis, Ramses, and Ra. I keep all three fish in separate tanks which ranges from 2 to 3 gallons. What they all have in common is that their tanks includes the Hydor 7 Watt Mini Submersible Heater. I initially bought two last November when I still had two fish Anubis and my now dearly departed Osiris. After a water change, I realized that the temperature of their water was unacceptable (it was 72 degrees farenheit) so I went to a local pet store chain and bought two Hydor 7 watt mini heaters. I did not have to wait very long to see the temperature rise to the temperature it should be for my fishes which was about 76 degrees.

Heaters are a must have for Betta fishes especially if you live in the midwest like I do where winters can be brutal. Bettas are tropical fish. They should be kept in water with the temperatures of 75-82 degrees. I have noticed a huge change when I put in my heaters for my two fishes. My late crown tail Osiris became more active when he got his new heater.

What I like about the mini heater is that you can either bury it underneath the gravel or plaster it up against the tank. One of my heaters didn't come with a suction cup in the box so I bought a suction cup for a larger heater and adjusted it to where the heater would not move a bit until I had to move the tank to the kitchen for a water change.

Depending on the temperature of the room you keep your fish in, the heater will only increase the temperature of the water by 3-5 degrees. If you keep your fish in tanks that is over 3 gallons, I have read that the mini heater loses some of its effectiveness so I say if you have a 1 to 2.5 gallon tank or bowl, the heater is perfect. I will say I had a 1 gallon tank and it got really warm pretty quickly and there is no way to control the temperature. You may have to unplug the heater for a bit.

In the last couple of months, I have noticed that draftiness in a room does have an effect on my fish tanks and the heater. I have watched the temperatures dropped to 74-72 degrees when the weather where I live dropped below zero in temperatures and wind chill factor (I eventually resolved the issue). The lack of having any ability to adjust the temperature on the heater is the one thing I don't like about the Hydor but overall I am pretty satisfied with the product. It's cute to see my Betta fishes hang around the heater every now and then. Bettas are used to a tropical environment, . And unless you routinely keep your house at 78-80 degrees, you need a tank heater to keep your Betta fish happy.No time to waste! If you’re here, you know what you need – ways to warm up a betta tank on the fly. Keep in mind that warming the tank too quickly can hurt (kill) your betta as well. Use your best judgement on how quickly to warm the tank. I’d recommend no faster than 1 degree every 20 minutes, depending on how cold it is. I haven’t been able to find an exact recommendation of how quickly a tank can heat/cool safely for a fish – that is just what makes sense to me based on what I’ve done in the past and what is natural in the environment. where some fish keepers have weighed in on the subject. Under normal circumstances, 1 degree every 20 minutes would be fast, but in an emergency, I think that should be survivable.This cheap Betta tank heater is so easy to use all you need to do is drop it in the tank and turn it on. It comes pre-set to a temperature of 78 degrees F, which is within the ideal range for a variety of tropical plants and fish, including Bettas. LED indicators let you know exactly what’s going on with the tank temperature: a red light indicates that the water is being heated, while a green light indicates that the tank is at the ideal temperature.