Determine the Sex of a Betta Fish Step 2

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Betta fish are well known for their flashy colors and extremely aggressive behavior (Doutrelant & McGregor, 2000). They are an excellent model species for studies of both intrasexual and intersexual selection. If placed in the same enclosure, male bettas will fight, especially if they are protecting a territory containing a bubble nest meant for a receptive female (Noble, 1938). This is an example of intrasexual selection as males are competing against other males for territory, females, defense, and so on. It has also been found that female bettas will “eavesdrop” on fighting males to select the winner, which is an example of intersexual selection (Doutrelant & McGregor, 2000). If receptive, the male will attack a female to determine her readiness to breed (Noble, 1938), thus again indicating intersexual selection. The male must test her readiness to breed, thus determining if she is receptive, fit, and worth the energy it takes to produce sperm and copulate.
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When selecting your Bettas you’ll want to choose a healthy fish. Then take look at the fin styles that are found on common Bettas as well on the show quality Bettas. To obtain the perfect pair for breeding, you also need to recognize the differences between the sexes. Image titled Determine the Sex of a Betta Fish Step 1
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Determine the Sex of a Betta Fish Step 4 - The female betta will have an "egg spot" just near the front edge of the ventral fin. Males NEVER have this spot.All the facts can be found on the site of

1. Betta fish is an extreme territorial fish, so, never put two male fish in the same tank or aquarium
2. The name of Betta was referred to an ancient clan of warriors, called the "Bettah"
3. Betta is the name of a genus that encompasses dozens of different fish species, there are more 70 of them
4. The most famous Betta fish is Betta Splendens or Siamese Fighting Fish
5. A Betta of any sex may fight any other Betta without hesitation, even the sight of its own reflection
6. Betta fishes are popular since the mid-1800s
7. Bettas prefer to swim alone and also need a comfortable place to hide
8. How long do Betta fish live? Bettas normally live 2 - 3 years
9. Bettas can still live without eating in two weeks
10. Bettas are carnivores
11. Frozen brine shrimp in ice cubes is a real delicacy for the Bettas
12. Bettas have different tail shapes and colors
13. The colors of Betta are the result of selective breeding
14. Male Bettas are typically larger and display brighter colors than females
15. Bettas can breathe air and survive outside of water for several hours at a time (anabantoids or labyrinth fish)
16. Only male Bettas build bubble nests as an indication of happy and healthy
17. Male Bettas build bubble nests in large size for mating purposes, to protect eggs and newly hatched Bettas
18. Only male Bettas take charge of caring for their offspring
19. Bettas are intelligent fish and can recognizes their owners
20. The color brightness Betta help signify their health

See more details and Betta fish wallpapers on The brilliant coloration and long flowing fins of the betta fish makes it one of the most well known of aquarium fish. The betta fish has torpedo shaped body with an upturned mouth and short rounded fins. Body is dull green and brown in color. Male is typically more brilliantly colored and has long flowing fins. It also has a more distinct beard and is larger overall than the female. The female has short fins and displays vertical stripes and an egg spot when ready to mate. It is carnivorous fish and in the wild condition, it mainly feeds on zooplankton, crustaceans, the larvae of mosquitoes and other water-bound insects. Due to its small size, bright colors and long, attractive fins, it is preyed upon by many predators like larger fish, cats, newts, salamanders, birds etc. Betta splendens can reach sexual maturity at the age between 4 and 5 months. It grows up to 7 cm in length and it can live up to 10 years.These are the main characteristics of the Betta fish to help you select and sex them. If you plan to attempt to breed them there are also a few other factors that you’ll also want to consider. Learn about the rest of the breeding process in the next two articles of this three part series, and .