All about betta fish: minimum size of tank requirement for betta fish

The infographic below from  is designed to cover the basic requirements of proper betta fish care.
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There are endless possibilities for your betta tank. Once you meet the basic requirements, how you decorate it is up to you. Bettas are very social fish and love to interact with their humans but from time to time they enjoy hiding or napping. Offer your betta some place to get away from it all. It can be in the form of plants, a house or an overturned pot or coffee mug. Whatever it may be, your betta will appreciate a place to hide when he’s feeling unsocial. Bettas do not require live plants, you can use plastic or silk. When purchasing decorations it’s safest to buy aquarium quality goods. You may find things around the house that will look nice in the aquarium but first be sure it will not alter your water chemistry or hurt your fish.
Yes, both the goldfish and betta are fish. But the similarities stop there. They have completely different diet and nutritional requirements.
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While Bettas are a fairly hardy fish, they do have some special requirements. Coming from a tropical environment, for optimal health, your Betta’s water temperature should remain between 75 and 85 degrees. If you’re going to keep a Betta in the office, make sure the temperature does not get too hot or cold during the weekends. Look for a food specifically formulated for Bettas, and remove uneaten excess food after a few minutes. Betta fish are carnivores and will also appreciate live food such as brine shrimp. Learn about Betta Fish care, behavior and tank requirements to make sure your Betta lives a long, healthy life.
Photo provided by FlickrNow that the most common part of that question is out of the way, there’s a lot more to know about betta fish and their heating requirements!
Photo provided by Flickrmost common part of that question is out of the way, there's a lot more to know about betta fish and their heating requirements!
Photo provided by Flickr
Betta fish are beautiful exotic and fairly easy to care for fish that make excellent additions to any home or even office environment. While Bettas are fairly hardy and easy to manage, they do still have certain environmental requirements for optimal health, as well as things that one can do to provide the most stimulating and healthful environment possible for their Betta. It isn't particularly difficult to provide the optimal environment to your Betta once you understand what their basic needs are.There are many considerations to take when setting up and maintaining a for a betta fish. It is vital to know the proper size, decorations, food, and water requirements before introducing a betta fish to his or her new home in order for the fish to live comfortably.Latin for "Beautiful Warrior," the Betta splendens is a popular freshwater aquarium fish. A is unique in the fact that it has the ability to breathe surface air, meaning the fish does not need aeration or filtration to breathe, as most other fish do. Understanding how to set up the right environment for a betta fish is essential in caring for it, which includes the bowl size and water temperature, as well as the type of water, bowl decorations and cleaning requirements, and feeding rituals.When it comes to buying new betta fish to fill your tank, reliable sellers on provide you with a variety of options to consider. Performing a keyword search using the search bar located on any site page allows you to find the right betta fish for you, along with the right supplies. If you are looking for a female betta fish, simply type that phrase into the search bar and all available options populate in the search results. Finding the right betta fish requires knowledge on their temperament, physical characteristics, and tank requirements to keep them healthy and happy.Goldfish and bettas, particularly male bettas, are both highly prized in the aquarium trade because of their flowing beauty and relatively easy care. However, they have different requirements for their aquariums. Aquascaping the tank for your fish's delight and knowing the proper care requirements will ensure happy, healthy fish.Can you keep Goldfish and Betta together in the same tank? Certainly there are some examples of people who do this, but as you can see from their very different requirements it is a bad idea. Nor should Goldfish be kept with other tropical fish. Betta and Goldfish do not belong in the same tank, and neither belongs in a bowl.