My Betta Fish Interacting with his Betta Exercise Mirror - YouTube

A cool experiment with a Betta Fish and a mirror in which the fish acts very funny jajajaj
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There are ways to see this behaviour without introducing another male betta fish. One way is to use a small hand mirror and place it up against the tank glass so that the male may see his reflection. The Betta will mistake his reflection as another male and the fighting posture should then be displayed. Doing this too often may lead to an overly stressed fish though.
The Betta Fish will react most to the mirror experiment, over the light and decoy experiments.
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I'm not sure what's up, but maybe you should take the mirror away for a few days. Moving into a new home is probably stressful for him, or maybe he's just having a cranky day. Give it a week or so, and then see if he's improved. Thank you! I did not know that, and I dont know why he acted happier after the mirror. I wont be using it any time to soon- I always wanted to ask if betta fish are happier with no mirror exercise whatsoever. Are Betta Fish more aggressive toward the blue divider,white divider or the mirror divider?
Photo provided by FlickrMale betta fish, female betta fish, hand held mirror, sepreate tanks, water, and stopwatch
Photo provided by FlickrWhen the male betta saw himself in the mirror, he puffed up his fins and face as if seeing another male fish, but did not attack the mirror.
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This is a fun one. Hold a mirror up to your betta – or hold your betta up to another betta – and gauge how he reacts. A healthy betta will quickly puff up in reaction to the “other” fish. Once you remove the threat (or, ahem, mirror), his gills should smoothly veiltail betta. i sneaked a mirror behind him and when he eventually turned around, he was startled by the presence of "another fish that snuck up on him" and threw a frenzy!

ignore the christmas music playing from my desktop while i was recording this :P my bad.If you have a betta fish you probably know that one betta fish does not like other betta fish, and that is always the case. These fish are extremely territorial and will try to kill other members of the same species, hence why they are sometimes referred to as Siamese fighting fish. This Floating Betta Exercise Mirror is a great toy for any betta fish because they will see their own reflection and go ballistic. I've put a mirror infront of it and lol it thought its another betta. i bought the betta fish for $5, the Fish Tank is $7 including the foods and water neutraliserThis may sound like a bad thing at first, but in all reality, it will just relieve their boredom and make them swim around a whole lot. Keep in mind that you should only place the betta mirror in front of your betta fish for 5 minutes at a time, and a maximum of twice per day. Too much of this could cause stress and may even cause your fish to injure itself.Hi everyone!
In this video I will show you how to mirrortrain your betta fish. The classic flaring-pose that gets triggered by the reflection of the mirror is extremely beautiful, so make sure to be ready with a camera! ;)

Remember that you should be careful and not mirror train your fish more than a couple of minutes and only a few times a week. Otherwise your fish will be insecure and loose its intrest in protecting its area.

Good luck!

Mvh Alexandra & the Marble SuperDelta Betta male "Dream"