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Feb 4, 2016 - Do not put any other fish or critter in with your Betta fish in such a small tank
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For these reasons, it is not advisable to consider Betta and Goldfish as tankmates. Goldfish are best kept with others of their kind, in a habitant assembled specifically for their needs. Just like Betta, Goldfish do not belong in bowls.
i have 3 glofish in a 10-15 gallon tank, would it be okay to add my male betta in with the glofish? would the blacklight bother the betta?
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I have a 20 gallon tank, I have nothin’ in it cuz meh goldfishes died ;(. ANYWAYS What should I put in it? a girl betta community or a male betta with other fishes? Tell meh pplz, if I do make a male betta with other fishes, what kind? I like the neon tetras, they look cool with the betta too! And they can be tank mates! 🙂 Tell meh guys! 😀 my youtube is yinwolf Aj! Check it out! I make animal jam videos! Thanks Skyler. Sounds like you have a great tank! Pretty big one too! Thanks for helping others out with your betta fish tank mates.
Photo provided by FlickrAug 22, 2006 - Some bettas are very aggressive and may do best in a tank without any other fish
Photo provided by Flickrtogether but when I went to the store l saw a Betta with an angel fish and other fishes in the same tank.
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Although many believe that bettas can only be housed by themselves because they'll "kill" anything alive in the tank, bettas CAN be housed with other fish/invertebrae. In fact, there are quite a few species that can successfully coexist with a betta. The general rule is that a betta can live with anything as long as it's I've had cold water tanks for years and thought I would venture into the tropical side of things and I ended up rescuing a very sorry betta fish from a pet shop. I thought he was gonna die but I wanted to give him a nice home. He was totally ripped to shreds by the other "community fish" so he got his very own bi-orb to settle into and is now happy as Larry. Although once when I put a in the tank, my betta was so aggressive towards him I had to seperate them. We also had the same problem with a . He just wants to kill anything else that goes in the tank except the pleco! I think they are happiest on their own, and in a big tank. If a possible tankmate qualifies for all 4 conditions, then they should make great tankmates with a betta. Another important condition is the betta's personality. Becuase every betta has his or her own unique characteristics, whether or not a tankmates will peacfully live with the betta varies widely. An overly aggressive betta should only housed by itself while a shy/ peacful betta can possibly live with guppies or other colorful fish. However, bettas are solitary fish meaning they do best by themselves. That's how they live in the wild. Additionally, adding fish to a betta tank may cause the betta to become aggressive because it thinks that another fish is swimming over his/her territory. But that doesn't mean you shouldn't get your betta a tankmate. As long as your betta doesn't show any signs of distress or become aggressive, everything will be alright. It's up to the owner to decide whether or not to get a tankmate. Now, on to the common tankmates! I have to say about bettas living with other fish. I just started a 10 gallon tank and I put my betta in with 5 rosy reds plenty of room for all of them and my betta killed two of them. I have had many bettas and they just dont like other fish. If they cant kill them then they just hide in a corner and sulk. Just because they are not trying to kill them doesn't mean they are happy. Mine died a week later, I beleive it was from stress.I have a 20 gallon tank and keep 1 male and 2 females in with 4 . They are all anabantoids and all have the same environmental requirements. They share the same temperaments and provided they have enough room, will get along very peacefully. I don't recommend keeping them with small, fast swimmers or other long finned fish. I have been keeping aquariums with this mix of fish for many, many years with great success and the fish live long and healthy lives. Please don't spell the name beta like the greek letter... it's spelled betta and pronounced 'bettah' with a short 'e' as in the word better! ThanksFirst of all, finding the right fish for a tankmate with a betta can be a task. As stated before, betta are also known as Siamese fighting fish and will fight with other bettas or similar looking fish. Fast moving fish such as many tetras wouldn't be a good option because they tend to bite at the fins. Gouramis wouldn't work because they are in the same family and if anything is related to a betta, they will square up with each other. Goldfish and others have different water requirements and so many African fish. There might be a few good fish, but whenever I have kept bettas I always have them with mostly bottom feeders. They are docile and keep to themselves making them the best bet. Also some can have unique personalities! An example would be a corydora because they remain small and are good in schools.