In a healthy betta, its fins will be whole

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The Betta can suffer from various health problems caused by bacteria, fungi, protozoa, viruses, and parasites. Distinct symptoms are often manifested and should give you a clue there is something wrong with your fish which needs to be addressed as soon as possible.
Sep 2, 2013 - Buying an unhealthy betta fish can cause a lot of future problems
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The first step in diagnosis is to monitor how care and These often result in fish health problems:These are the potential factors that can create a strong and agile fish or a fish sickness and drowsiness.After examining the manner in which your personal , hope that you will identify the disease may arise where and timely adjustments before it happens. Individuals may have some disease, so you learn for next time not committed.Everyone applying different treatments for the same disease. Some work, some do not know the result is a completely incorrect. You may have to close your eyes using a certain drug and cured fish. But in fact, if you do not check and careful diagnosis before treatment for the individual, then you just happened to get lucky when used drugs needed only. Before you can accumulate enough experience needed, you simply MUST depends on the knowledge of others. That’s why I built the cure for Bettas here: it is a research project and share information to help people in the betta health issues.What happens when your fish suddenly looks weak, but you can not detect any external symptoms? Then you have to do? May 12, 2009 - Repeating this mistake over time could lead to buoyancy and other health problems in your betta fish
Photo provided by FlickrIt may sound funny to check a fish for breathing problems.
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Betta Problems 11/18/05 Hi - I have a (rather large)female Betta fish. She isn't very old, but lately she seemslistless. In fact, she hardly swims around anymore. She either lays atthe bottom of her aquarium or props herself on one of her plants. Thereis also a small white spot on the top of her dorsal fin that has neverbeen there before. The aquarium she is housed in has a divider in itand on the other side there is an additional female Betta. I'mwondering if you could give me some advice as to what to do with this(possibly sick???) Betta fish. I don't want her illness, if thereis one, to pass on to her aquarium buddy. Thanks for any advice you cangive. (I'd appreciate a quick reply...time may be short for myfish.) scroll down to the area re Bettas... read re Systems, Feeding,Health/Disease. Bob Fenner> New Betta With Ammonia Problems 1/18/06 DearSirs: I did search for this, and found something quite close, but itdidn't address my exact concern, so please bear with me. MyConcerns: the tail "threads" the water getting cloudy soquickly. Here are the facts: New Male Betta, just purchased 50 hoursago. First 24 hours were spent in smaller bowl, with tap water &drops of tap water conditioner. Now in a round 1 gallon plastic tank,tap water conditioner drops, fake plant (I would describe the feel ofthe fake plant as perhaps feeling soft pine needles), plastic beads,little divers helmet. All came with tank) Just put him in this lastnight. Mid-day today. water seems to be slightlycloudy. (not heavily, but perhaps as if I'd put ateaspoon of skim milk into the bowl) I am in Australia, very hot, soair-conditioner has been on quite a bit during day, off at night. Ihave taken a cooked small prawn, held it a bit above or just on thewater a couple times today and he'd do a little jump and take avery small bite out of it. I did notice when my husband was getting thenew bowl ready, he had both his (cleaned) hands in the water trying toadjust the beads and such. Water did set for about 2-3 hours afterbeing treated before putting fish in. He is acting just fine, but for alack of a better way to say it. looks like he's starting to lose"threads" of his tail. Just today. Not getting quite asexcited about seeing himself in the mirror as he used to. I tried tokeep this as concise for you as possible. Thank you inadvance. Juli Betta with Ich? 9/25/05 Hi Again, so sorry to botheryou all again. I have a 3 gallon Eclipse tank with a bio filter thathas been set up for approximately 8 months. I have a heaterthat keeps the water at a very consistent 80 degrees, I have severallive plants, java ferns mostly and a Bolbitis, I have 1 male Betta whoI have had for 7 months. He has never shown any signs ofillness including lack of appetite. I check the waterregularly for ammonia, nitrite and nitrate, they are all within theproper levels...0, 0, 5-10 respectively. I have an airstonein the back corner that is low bubbling to circulate the water in thecorner. I change 25 percent of the water every weekfaithfully and vacuum the gravel. I add Aqua Nova eachtime. I change the carbon filter cartridge every 30 days andclean the pump. He eats a variety of food changing aroundeach day a combination of two of either Hikari pellets, Hikari freezedried shrimp, bloodworms and daphnia. He has a wonderfulappetite...but, this Betta developed fin rot and I asked for andfollowed your advice and treated him with a compoundantibiotic. After I finished with treatment, I did a 70%water change and added 1 tsp of aquarium salt. Well, hisfins appear to be coming back now but 2 nights ago when I looked at oneof his pectoral fins on the side it has a white spot! Itlooks like an Ich spot but there is only one. I began uppingthe water changes to 20% each night instead of one 25% eachweek. The spot has not gotten any bigger, but now I amworried I need to treat him for something else because it's therebut I am not sure what. Is it possible for a fish to haveone Ich spot? Could this be more fungus or a weird bacteria?Just cannot imagine what on earth the problem is at thispoint. I have KanaPlex, I have Tetracycline, I haveMaracide, I have Jungle Fungus Eliminator, and I have BettaMax on hand...could you please advise me as to what I should do or try, truly, I amlost. I really do not want to medicate him more andwith the wrong thing if I should not. Thank you, I do not know what myfish and I would do without you guys! Sue Before familiarizing yourself with common symptoms of various health problems affecting Betta fish, it is important to knowhow to distinguish between a healthy and sick betta.