Betta Fish Filter Needed for Aquarium?

The following filters are suitable for Betta fish and will not cause them so much stress:
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This tank is great for any desktop or counter and your betta and some friends will love it. The Marina brand freshwater tank is very sleek, stylish, and almost silent. It looks good from all angles. It comes with a filter, LED lights, and even includes a bottle of water conditioner to get you up and running in no time. It’s a very pretty aquarium and looks great with the lights on as well. The lights could be brighter compared to some of the other fish tanks on this list, but that is the only downside to it.
If the betta fish aquarium is 2.5 gallons or larger, you should probably provide a filter.
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WOW I have to say that your website is quite the place to find the answers your looking for so so much in helping people find the right answers to keep their wonderful fish alive and well! I was wonder now if you could help me…I bought a betta fish about a week ago and had him in a bowl at first then decided what kind of home is this I wouldnt want to live my life in some dumb fish bowl so then I decided to buy him a 2.5 gallon fish tank with filter and and I have a fake plant in there for him I leave the light on from about 7:30pm till about 11:00pm plus all the sunlight he gets during the day is that okay to keep the light on that long I just dont like the idea of him being in the dark? Furthermore I was wondering the filter I got for him is 1 of those kinda cheap that has a high, medium and low speed I keep it on the low speed but it seems as if its not filtering at all barely any kind of stream coming out the top of the filter and the waters cloudy but then when I put it on medium power it filters great I dont want him to get sucked up into the filter though and I dont want him to be stressed to have to swim so hard Im just confused and depressed because I want him to have a great life for as long as he can. Any information would be so helpful and so appreciated please get back to me asap Loui’s scaring me I dont want him to die! OH and incase you couldnt tell this is my first betta LOL . ANother thing that I thought I’d throw in there since Im asking so many questions already is hes got filmy stuff on the top of his water and hes got build up on the sides of his tank what can I do to get rid of that? soooo much again your the reason bettas get to live such a long life your such a great source of help and answers and the pet store people are killers they dont care since its not their porblem so thank you! Using a filter for your Betta is really the best thing to do for your Betta fish.
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Most hobbyists and aquarium enthusiasts are familiar with the betta fish, a beautiful and elegant creature that is ideal for beginners and expert fish keepers alike. Now, we are also familiar with the fact that most fish tanks need a water filtration unit to keep the water clean and the fish alive. However there is some controversy when it comes to betta fish, mainly whether or not they really need a filter. We are here to answer this question; Do betta fish need a filter?For many people, the fact that betta fish don’t really need an oxygenation system is reason enough to conclude that a water filter is not needed. However the oxygenation is only one factor that comprises a healthy fish tank. This is kind of a tricky question and there is no real clear answer. Technically speaking, betta fish are classified as “”, which is a fancy way of saying that they have an organ that resembles a lung. This means that they can actually take oxygen straight out of the air from the top of your fish tank, but they can also filter oxygen out of the water too. Many people decide that changing the water in the aquarium every few weeks is more than enough, but the fact is that build ups can happen pretty quickly, so a filter is always a good thing to have, plus it means having to change less water and do so less often. When it comes down to it, we would without a doubt recommend that you get a good water filtration unit for your betta fish tank.