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Unfortunately there is no cure for dropsy in betta fish. It is fatal. However you can take steps to prevent your betta fish from getting dropsy. You may want to avoid feeding any live worms to your bettas as this is one of the most common ways for betta fish to get this disease. Also, because dropsy is contagious, if you notice that one or more of your bettas are displaying symptoms of the disease you should separate them from the healthy betta fish immediately. Changing the water in your fish tank regularly (at least every 3 days) is also advised.

Dropsy is fatal and it is seen frequently in bettas. Be careful about what you feed your betta fish, especially when it comes to live foods, and be aware of the physical condition of your bettas. You minimize the risks that they will get dropsy when you feed them healthy foods and, if you are able to quickly spot a sick betta, you can separate it and reduce the likelyhood of contaminating the other fish.

Have any of your bettas had dropsy? Do you have any dropsy advice that you would like to share? Please post your experiences and comments below! And remember, the best betta tank is a clean betta tank!

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Two of my fish have had Dropsy and now my last female Betta, Heart Breaker, has got it. She hasnt been eating lately and now she wont even move. I can see how it looks like her scales are popping off of her. My other Betta died. Anyone know if there's a cure and what I can do? She's had it for... Care & Treatment of Dropsy - Betta Fish Center
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