Double divider system promotes betta flaring, EZ-clean system

Betta-Bow Front Double Tank Kit is the perfect starter kit for owners of a pair of Betta fish
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Male betta fish are intolerant of each other but can be paired with female bettas so long as hiding spaces are provided. Male bettas can be housed in the same aquarium so long as a divider separates them from having contact with each other. In this type of setup, males will constantly display to each other across the barrier. Contrary to popular belief, bettas make great community tank members. They get along very well with other community type fish (see the handout for more information on community fish) as long as the other fish are not prone to nipping the long fins of bettas.
Box Double Layers Guppy Betta Fish Tank For Breeding Hatchery Isolation 3 in1.
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I just got my half-moon double tail betta a couple of days ago. I haven't had a fish since I was in grade school and I really wanted to give it a shot and do it right. I haven't bought a heater for my API 1.5 gallon tank and I know that the water is below the desired temperature. Is there a good heater that I can use to help get him through the winter months? I've been doing research like crazy but I haven't found anything. Betta Bow Front Double Tank Kit is the perfect starter kit for owners of a pair of Betta fish.
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Photo provided by FlickrFeature: ○Betta-Bow Front Double Tank Kit is the perfect starter kit for owners of a pair of Betta fish
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Some of aren’t even fish. Freshwater snails and ghost shrimp, for example, won’t raise the ire of your Betta, and they’ll even do double duty by keeping the tank clean.My male double tailed Betta fish also known as Siamese fighting fish. This is a short video of the tank being cycled and the fish being added. The tank is a Marina 360 with a built in filter and added heater (25 C) I have named him Floss. I may switch up the tank in time if he is not happy and add some shrimp to help clean.Most aquarium safe rocks are safe for bettas. However, some rocks will raise the pH and hardness of the water. Stay away from Texas holey rock, sandstone, rainbow rock, and limestone. Safe rocks include lava rock (though it may be rough and damage betta fins), slate, agate, granite, and basalt. Most crystals like amethyst and quartz are safe. If in doubt, ask at a knowledgeable fish store (not chain pet store, as they are rarely educated on such topics). Seashells and coral can also adversly affect the pH of the water and should be left out of a betta's tank.

The key to growing plants is how much light they will receive. If you get a double fluorescent bulb for your 5 gallon tank, you should be able to grow medium to low-light requiring plants.

Anubias (dwarf varieties) Cryptocorynes (short varieties like 'wendtii') Valisneria spirilis, Java Fern and Java moss are all small low light plants. Stem plants like Hornwort, Anacharis and Wisteria will all grow, too, but may grow so fast you might need to keep only the growing tip and discard the older part of the plant.

In my experience, Amazon Swords are pretty tall growing plant that need lots of light. The one exception (or possibly just the only one I've succeeded with) is the Ozelot Sword which has leaves that are mottled red and green when young. It also stays rather short, for a sword plant, so it would fit in a five gallon tank. The other plants I've enjoyed working with are the "betta Bulbs" that are sold as tiny dried tuber in plastic packaging. These are members of the apogeneton family. Different varieties are included in the mix and some of these become very long-lived and beautiful plants.

If your local Petco has a good aquatic section. you should be able to find great plants there. Just make sure the plants you buy are truly aquatic plants. My Petco stores stock many plants that can take very wet conditions but fail if completely submerged. Liriope, Spathiphyllum, Dracaena sanderiana (lucky bamboo) and Pothos/Philodendron are some of these.

Remember that your petco will special order for you if there's a specific type of plant you want but don't find in stock.

(Photo above is my 30 gallon tank. Fish include Yo-Yo Loaches, Harlequin and Espei Rasboras and one Red Tail Black Shark. Plants include Hygrophila 'Temple' (on either end), Wisteria (ferny plant in the center left), Cryptocorynes (center and foreground) and Dwarf Anubias (foreground right). Lighting is double bulb fluorescent in a room with a southern exposure and lots of natural light .)

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