Wow! 9 Proven Steps: How To Breed Betta Fish The Easy Way

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Betta Breeding Tank Setup Plus A Pair, Check out the setup i have for my bettas. Its easy to do, you can do it to.
I used to breed bettas, and I took a LONG break. My breeding tank is now occupied by some other fish and I need a new setup (which I cannot afford right now).
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The first and most important part of the setup is the correct size of the fish tank. It follows a basic principle – The bigger the better. The minimal size of the fish tank needs to be of 2.5 gallons ( 10 litres ). But optimum size of the fish tank for the fish to happy and of bigger size is 4 gallons. This fish’s origin is a rice paddy field and thus it can never thrive in a small tank or bowl. The knowledge of Betta fish breeding can be gathered right from its natural origin. one for the male (The Breeding Tank) and one for the female.
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Select healthy specimens of the type of betta you want. The tail fin types of betta breeds and how to tell male or female betta fish are discussed in . Then choose the best breeding stock as outlined here. The pair of breeders you select should be conditioned and the breeding tank needs to be set-up. I'm not saying that you cannot add accessories to your betta tanks at all if you are keeping hundreds of bettas. I'm only suggesting that the ideal tank setup for them is the bare tank. Some breeders design a drip system for their bettas for easy water maintenance. In the end, it's up to you to decide what you think and feel is the best betta tank setup for you and your fish. And hopefully, you are fully aware of the pros and cons of each of the betta tank setup that you can choose from.Hye guys,,, how are u today??.

title :breeding Betta fish SIMPLE GUIDE
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Breeding Siamese Fighting Fish, or bettas, is a wonderful hobby. However, it's not something to be taken lightly. If you have the abundant time, resources, knowledge, and commitment that breeding bettas demands, it can also be a rewarding experience.
1. Setup and Choosing Bettas to Breed
Learn as much as possible.
Set up your permanent tanks
Obtain a breeding pair

2. Building the Conditions for Breeding
Let them settle in
Set up your breeding tank
Start feeding live food when you are ready to breed them
Begin raising fry food
Introduce the pair
Observe their behavior.

3. Breeding Your Bettas
Remove the divider
Let nature take its course.
Remove the female betta
Leave the male in the tank until the fry can swim around

4. Caring for the Fry
Wait for fry to hatch
Remove the male from the tank, being very careful not to net any fry
Feed the fry
Give the fry time to grow
Place the fry into grow-out tanks

5. Nursing the Fry to Adulthood
Wean the fry off live food
Separate males
Decide the future of your spawn
Sexing Young Bettas