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Dear Diary, The bags still have not been touched. They just keep reading their books and crying. They're talking about teachers more than they have all year. More later. XOXO, Betta Fish
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Dear Diary, Well, they finally closed their books and packed their bags. They stopped crying, too. I've been getting more and more worried as the day progresses. They're definitely leaving again, but I don't know how long they'll be gone. Hopefully not as long as last time. Right now, as I'm writing, they're saying goodbye to their friends. There's a lot of hugging going on. They're hugging each other. Picking up their bags. One girl walks towards the door, and the other walks towards me. She taps the glass, and asks if I'm ready to go.What? Am I ready to go? Go where? I'm going with them! They're not leaving me this time. She just picked up my bowl and my food and we're walking out the door. What an adventure this will be! I might even get to ride the elevator again. I don't want to miss a second of it, so I'm going to stop writing now. I'll tell you more when I can! Until next time- XOXO, Betta Fish Caring for Betta Fish by Marcus Song - Books-A-Million
Photo provided by Flickrreading in books about betta fish or checking online sites dedicated to betta fish.
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Click through to the . On this (very) long page Marcus Song outlines everything that is in the book along with testimonials from other betta fish owners (this is quite a long page with almost too many words and information packed onto it but that’s a different story – if you have any questions about the ebook put them on the comments and I will get back to you). Marcus Song also makes a guarantee on his book – a 60 days no risk money back in full guarantee – it is for this reason that I have no objections in fully recommending the book, because I know that you, my reader, will have no problems in getting your money back if you do not like the ebook. Pay for the ebook, have it instantly downloaded to your computer, read it and use the information that it holds – if you don’t feel it worth the price tag simply email and get your cash back!"I am so glad you wrote this book! I went to two major book stores in myarea. They had betta books, but nothing specific enough to feel comfortableon how to care for the fish. Now I feel confident about helping my fish tolive in an appropriate environment. Thanks so much."Not sure how to take care of betta fish or maybe you just need some extra help? Check out our great selection of betta fish books that contain everything you’ll ever need to know about them. Before you choose your Betta, do some research through reputable online resources, books, and talk to some Betta owners in our . Common sense and knowledge are the best defense against bringing home an ill fish.these are the books I’m trying to create for betta fish enthusiasts. Hopefully these notes useful for betta fish enthusiasts to be read and applied in practice.Proper Betta Fish Care Is Within Everyone's Capability There have been entire libraries of books written on even the smallest aspects of fish care.If you want a self-contained ecosystem where plants and fish thrive by balancing one another's needs, you can try using the where all you ever need to add or take away from the tank is fish food. However, you're in for a tough ride and a very steep learning curve. However, if all you want is to care perfectly for your fish so they're happy and thrive, all you need is to easily achieve this is to follow the advice in this care sheet, which will take all of 20 minutes of your time each week.As long as these few basic rules are followed, this is all you need to have a happy, healthy well looked after betta. Though if you'd like to learn from a deeper discussion of each point raised in the graphic above, check out the betta care section at , where an article is dedicated to each point raised and will hold your hand through every aspect of betta care.Contributing author Brian Hamilton has been a fish enthusiast since a child and although only a 'hobby fish keeper,' over the years he has had more tanks and breeds of fish than he could care to mention. There's not a lot he hasn't studied, tried, tested and learnt from over the decades and now he likes to share his knowledge by posting on pet related sites around the web.