Automatic Fish Feeders 2&3 Betta - Mikes Inventions - YouTube

Sep 1, 2013 - A simple automatic Betta fish feeder built from a $1 clock movment.
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FFAZ Automatic Fish Feeder
FFAZ Fischfutterautomat
FFAZ Futterautomat

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Cheap automatic feeders have killed a lot of betta fish since their inception
Photo provided by Flickr
One item that is recommended for vacations longer than 1 week or more is an automatic feeder. They are only recommended if you get a high quality one though; you cannot cheap out here because you get what you pay for. Cheap automatic feeders have killed a lot of betta fish since their inception. They’re both inaccurate and unreliable – not feeding at all or dumping the entire amount in at once. This leads to death by overeating or through water pollution and disease while you’re away. If you do purchase one of these, make sure it is highly reviewed like and set it up a couple days prior to learn how it performs. This product has a built in timer, allows you to portion out the food, and will dish out up to 14 individual meals. This is a great option if you plan to be gone for over a week. of or can anyone recommend a automatic fish feeder that does well with bettas?
Photo provided by FlickrUsing an automatic feeder to overfeed betta every two days? : bettafish
Photo provided by FlickrInserts for Betta food pellets for FishMate F14 automatic fish feeder by ..
Photo provided by Flickr