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Betta Fish Bubble Nests - everything you need to know - Betta Fish Care
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I think your betta fish is making a bubble nest. If they are tiny air bubbles at the top, it is to be a bubble nest. Hope I helped 🙂
Then again I’m only 11…
Most like the air escaped. Usually males make bubble nests when ready to spawn or have seen a female betta fish
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Bubble nests are created by Betta fish as well as a few other types of fish and even frogs. They are created with a mixture of air and saliva (to increase their durability). Male Betta fish will create these bubble nests when they are ready to mate. The bubble nest is intended to be a place for the female Betta fish to deposit her eggs, as well as a place to take care for the fragile Betta fish fry. Do betta fish like air and bubbles in their tank? Do they need them? What are the pros and cons? Find out all the answers and our recommendations here.
Photo provided by FlickrBubble nests created by male Siamese fighting fish (Betta splendens) are made from air bubbles coated with saliva to increase durability
Photo provided by FlickrEnter a male betta fish are ready to mate. Let the fish during the day in the container. Male Betta fish will create air bubbles. Useful for storing fertilized egg.
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Male Betta fish create bubble nests because of their natural state of living. Betta fish often live in shallow and muddy waters which have a low oxygen content. Therefore, in order to keep the eggs and fry healthy and surrounded by oxygen rich water and air, they create these bubble nests. It ensures that the young Betta fish will have an adequate supply of oxygen. Although an airstone is a wise investment, make sure the aeration in your fish tank is gentle and not strong and overpowering. Remember, in , they live in fairly stagnant water. They don’t spend their lives “living an upstream battle” every day and expending their energy fighting off a current of air bubbles. Position your , driftwood, rocks and other decorations in the direct flow of the pump as to redirect and weaken the current. This will protect your Betta without sacrificing any of the filtration system’s efficiency. Aeration within your aquarium is very important for your Betta. Even though a fairly large fish tank with a chosen by a professional provides plenty of aeration, it’s still wise to add further equipment. To be cautious, many hobbyists install an airstone that connects to an air pump. This provides a stream of bubbles that are not only good for the fish, but also provide a pleasing site in your aquarium.Like the bubble nest building bettas, the male and female fish should be separated, for a week at the least. Occasionally a pair of mouth brooding bettas may 'dance' and the female having her fins flared out may dance around the male to attract his attention during the courtship. With the mouth brooding Betta species, it is the female who starts the spawning.