is it okay if i'll use a 2.5 gallon fish tank for my betta fish?

Watch this video Unboxing of the Tetra Complete LED 5 Gallon Betta Fish Tank Kit.
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i have a 5 gallon planted tank with a male betta in it. i also have a 20 gallon tank with glofish in it i removed my bristlenose pleco from my 20 gallon becuase i read online that he has to have a peice of driftwood and my betta tank had one is it ok if theya re housed togther in a 5 gallon tank?
Watch this video on setting up the Marineland Portrait 5 gallon Betta Fish Tank.
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I will soon update my 20 gal. Tank to 55 gallon tank will that help the betta be more kind to the other fish ? Another question when I set up the new tank should I put the betta in for a couple of days before I put in the other fish or should I put In the platies neons etc. before the betta. P.s. I will not be getting the bigger tank for like five or six months because I need to save money :) -Betta newbie Watch this video Unboxing of the Marina LED 5 Gallon Betta Fish Tank Kit.
Photo provided by FlickrThis is all the more reason you should consider a tank 5 gallons or bigger for your Betta fish.
Photo provided by FlickrWatch this video on setting up the Marineland Portrait 5 gallon Betta fish tank
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Pet store bettas are, unfortunately, usually sick when you get them. The best thing to do is read up on them before buying and see if you can find one that's relatively healthy. You can also ask someone at the pet store when they normally get more bettas and try to get one from a new shipment.

If you're using melafix, use half or less of the recommended dose. There is another product by the same company called "bettafix", which is essentially the same but diluted. Melafix is actually pretty toxic, and bettas are affected by it more than most fish.

I always treated fin rot with just clean water and aquarium salt - about 1 teaspoon per 2.5 gallons of water. I'd put them in a smaller tank (my 2.5 gallon one instead of my 10 gallon one, usually) and change the water every day.While you can always buy a standard 5-gallon glass or plastic tank and , the best 5-gallon Betta fish tanks on this list all include built in pumps, lights and filtration.sorry I don't agree, my betta is in a 100 gallon tank now, coming out of a 15 gallon tank, and it was funny to see, how he reacted at the space he got, and how happy he was. I think, a betta deserves a lot better as living in such a small half a gallon tank. And I really don't say everyone has to get a 100 gallon tank for his fish, but a little space to swim en spread its finns and tail it really shoud have, its a fish, and fish do like to swim, and for that, they just need some space.If you’re searching for the , these superior 5-gallon Betta fish tanks should be at the top of your list. While you can get a smaller tank, 5-gallon tanks offer many advantages, including and more room for your Betta to explore.Features include hidden energy-efficient LED lights recessed into the plastic lid, a built in mechanical filter, and all required filter media. The lowest flow setting on the filter is the perfect strength for Bettas, so there’s no modification required. If you’re looking for a 5-gallon Betta fish tank with all the basics, this is a great home for your prized fish.Hi everyone! Enjoy my video showing both of my 5 gallon tanks. I have a double tail Betta, fancy guppy, African dwarf frog, and 2 snails in my first tank, then I plan to get another Betta for my second. I may upgrade these fish to larger tanks soon but in the mean time they are very healthy and happy! :)