How often should I change the water in my Beta Fish's tank

How Often Should I Change My Beta Fish Water
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I have a King Beta and he is absolutely gorgeous!! I love your tank set up! Mine is in a small square tank with an opening at the top. I actually didn't know they breathe air so I learned something completely new today! Luckily for my fish I have left plenty of breathing room for him everytime I clean the tank out! Would you be able to tell me why he randomly wiggles in the water?? Normally near the top.
My male beta fish is sticking around with the water filter all time not moving around in the 3gallon water tank
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Just got a Beta and he is the only fish in the aquarium that has things appearing to grow on him. It is white and feathery looking. What should I do? This started within a day of getting him. I tested our tank and the water is hard, the Alkalinity is high at 300 and the alkaline content is at 8.4. Thank you for any suggestions. Betta Fish Bowl,Beta Fish,Bowls,Beautiful Fish,Aquariums,Water.
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If you are only 9 years old yet smart enough to write this post then it shows you are smart enough to ask your mom or dad to get you a good betta book so that you can take the very best of care for your fish by reading it well. Then if you have any questions you can always ask someone. But if you do that make sure they know what they are talking about. Stay away from Petco and Walmart and stores like that because even though they sell fish they really don't know much about them and only care about the money each fish can bring them. In fact, I would not buy ANY fish from them. Here is a picture of one of my fish from Ebay-{here you will also need to know who you are dealing with}. As he got older the blue spread out into his fins. This fish is known as a Over Half Moon or OHM Rosetail. These types of fish need extra care. They definitely need a beta hammock, nothing sharp in the tank, and space to move around in. All betta with similar fins need this. I do water changes like this: every 2 to 3 days I do partial changes up to 50% of the water. When I do this I siphon all the poopy off the bottom. I then fill the tank back up WITH SAME TEMPERATURE water using Betta Ultimate water conditioner. Now, you may only be 9 but I believe you can take of your little friend the right way. But it is up to you to learn how. Okay?Betta fish water should have a pH reading of 6.5-8.0. Bettas are a hardy fish species and can tolerate a wide variety of . The important thing to remember is to keep the water consistent. All fish including beta fish will go into shock, get sick, or die when their water conditions change rapidly or often.The chlorine found in tap water is, luckily, incredibly easy to remove with the addition of an aquarium water conditioner. Beta aquarium water conditioners contain de-chlorinators that break apart and neutralize the chlorine content in the tap water thereby rendering the chemical inert. Chlorine actually tends to remove itself from a water source by natural oxidation. The longer you let a bowl full of water with chlorine in it set out in the open, the more the chlorine will dissipate. Natural oxidation by way of letting a container full of water sit for a while coupled with a water conditioner is a sure way to make sure that your “soon to be” betta fish aquarium water is rid of chlorine. If you wanted to go the route of naturally removing the chlorine content from your tap water without the use of a water conditioner for aquariums (not necessarily recommended), you should let the tap water sit in an open topped container with an air stone pumping bubbles up from the bottom (you are looking for constant water agitation) for at least 24 hours. The larger the surface of the water is that actually touches the air, the more thoroughly the chlorine content will dissipate. It’s all about oxidation.It is very easy to keep your beta fish water clean and clear. If you keep your betta in a regular aquarium which includes gravel, heater, filter and hood please read more about .