Beta Fish Plant Craft ~~ I have seen these and wanted it.

Beta fish and spider plants - betas will eat from the roots. Plant and pet all in one!
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Peace Lily The peace lily is commonly used as a decorative plant in beta fish bowls and tanks. The plant does not need to float on top; however, it's advised not to completely submerge it so that it can continue to absorb carbon dioxide from the air, which will keep it healthy.
I have to doing something with one of my bamboo plants and this is it, love beta fish!
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My peace lily does well in water and would like to get a beta fish for the vase. How long should I wait after using a water soluble plant fertilizer before adding a fish. Ideas for beta fish plant and vase habitat.
Photo provided by FlickrBeta Fish Plant Craft ~~ I have seen these and wanted it.
Photo provided by FlickrWater terrarium with Dieffenbachia (plant) & a Beta fish
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About this being a slow death wrong , Instead of a Peace Lilly Look up about carrying for a beta they ve come a long way plants feed fish and fish feed plants and vegetables they all grow in water or ponds but done GREEN. And as far as the fish resting by betta leaf at petco. study before preaching only people that act before searching every ave. need to get a new neighorhood of bad energy. Light, love, Listen and share the good and not the negative .Adding an aquatic plant to your beta fish bowl is both functional and aesthetically pleasing. Not only do natural aquatic plants oxygenate the water and air for your beta, they also help keep your beta's home clean by consuming its waste. If you watch carefully, you might even catch your beta nibbling on the new plant as a snack.Mini Ecosystem: I've always wanted to do this with a beta! fish gets its oxygen from the water and is able to survive in the water. Then the fish excretes some nutrients and minerals that the plant can use for its own growth and sustenance. The plant in turn takes up CO2 and converts it to oxygen, which enters the water and can be used by the fish, and also the some fungus grows on the plant’s roots, providing food for the fish.Pothos Also known by the scientific name Epipremnum aureum, pothos plants are a popular variety used in beta fish tanks. Much like the philodendron, this plant is not fully submerged, allowing its roots to dangle in the water. Please note that the pothos species is toxic to cats and dogs, so do not choose this plant if you have house pets.One of the best ways to guarantee that your plants aren't toxic to your fish is to ask an aquatic life expert. The next time you're in your local pet store or aquarium supply store, ask the salesperson what they can recommend, and which plants are best for your beta fish. Not all plants are available in all areas, so it's always good to double check with the clerk to see what they have to say. If you are unsure about how your fish will react, you can always choose a plastic plant instead of a natural, living plant.Beta Fish Plant Craft...The Peace Lily plant is perfect for this display and easy to care for. It's very important to change the water at least once a week. (click the pic for full 'how to' instructions)