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Feb 3, 2017 - Finnex Titanium Heater Tube is the winner for best aquarium heater
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Even though I really like the durability of Titanium Heaters, these types of submersible aquarium heater are best used inside the main display aquarium where the heat will dissipate more rapidly than in a sump or similar enclosed space. I have witnessed Titanium Heaters (of different brands) over heat and burn out when used in small sumps or heater modules. I recommend using a glass or quartz submersible heater in sumps or similar as glass submersible heaters do not seem to be as sensitive to this problem.
Heaters and Chillers 177799: Finnex Titanium Aquarium Heater 500W Or 800W, Optional Digital Controller *Best* BUY IT NOW ONLY: $89.95.
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The heater is designed to maintain aquarium water temperature within +/-2 degrees Fahrenheit of the set value to create a safe, stable and healthy temperature for your fish and plants. It has a LED heating indicator to inform you when the heater is operating. For my opinion, this is the best heater for large tanks over 75 gallons. The titanium tube heats the water fast and works excellently in large tanks with a huge volume of water. The titanium tube is also housed in a protective guard to ensure the safety of your aquarium dwellers. Finnex TH Titanium Heaters with HC800U Controller - At AquaCave, we offer some of the best selection & best prices on Finnex TH Titanium Heaters with HC800U Controller for you marine, reef, and freshwater aquarium.
Photo provided by FlickrI think if I go titanium, I'm just going to get 1 300 watt heater this time.
Photo provided by FlickrBest TITANIUM heater that works with APex
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I would advocate an external thermostat connected to titanium heaters as the best and most reliable form of heating your aquarium.. If you do want a heater thermostat then do not skimp on one and buy a good respected make. Many suggest you change your heater thermostat every 2 years to reduce the chance of failure. The required wattage is best split into two heater thermostats that way if one should fail and stick on it will take some time to overheat your aquarium if at all and you are more likely to spot the failure. Likewise, if one fails and won’t come on at least the other will help keep some heat in the tank until you can buy another. Better still keep a spare heater for such emergencies as sods law will dictate a heater will fail at the most inconvenient time.Finnex electronic controller with titanium heating tube is unique in both design and performance. It comes with a controller and a submersible heating tube with protective guard and suction cups. The controller allows for temperature adjustment, it works outside aquarium and controls the titanium heating tube submersible in aquarium water. The titanium tube is resistant to corrosion and safe for both saltwater and freshwater aquariums. Its small and compact design makes the heating tube easily hide from view.At AquaCave, we offer some of the best selection & best prices on Finnex HMX Titanium Aquarium Heaters, 50W - 500W for your marine, reef, and freshwater aquarium.If you have large animals in your tank then best to fit a heater guard which surrounds the tube to prevent your playful pet knocking it again the wall or a ornament and cracking it. Alternatively you can purchase metal versions made out of stainless steel or titanium. They come with two or three suckers for mounting it to the aquarium wall and a few more for attaching the cord to the glass.I think Titanium Heaters are your best choice for very large aquariums and for aquariums with large and destructive fish such as Arowanas, Oscars or even Turtle tanks (provided there is adequate water volume).The Commodity Axis ViaAqua 300 Titanium Heater incorporates the best technology and electrical components to date. The heating element is manufactured of pure titanium that will not crack like conventional glass heaters. Both the sensor and heating probes are virtually unbreakable. With an adjustable remote thermostat with LCD read out that makes setting and reading the temperature easy. The remote temperature probe ensures a consistent temperature throughout your whole aquarium.