Can anyone recommend the best place to buy fresh fish ?

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Taboan Market is the best place to buy dried fish in Cebu City. Price range for dried fish is from 150 to 500 pesos depending on the variety. Packaging is not a problem since the goods are usually vacuum packed and can be boxed for bulk purchases
Besides the supermarket, where are the best places to buy good, fresh fish. We especailly love grouper.
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We'll be in So/Be at the end of April and would like to prepare some of our meals at the condo we're renting. We don't like to buy fish at Publix, so we'd like to know the best place to get fresh fish (preferably locally caught) in the area. We're staying at Collins & 56th but will have a car. Koloa Fish Market is the best place to buy fresh fish near . It;s located in Koloa Road across from the post office.
Photo provided by FlickrWhere are the best places to buy fresh & local fish & seafood that we can prepare back at the Condo? Also, what is in season during mid-may?
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The best place to buy fresh fish in London. The selection is unequaled and the prices brilliant. You do have to get there before 6am though. The "greasy spoon" does bacon and scallop rolls, wow.Hi, we are travelling to Cala n Porter for the 1st time in August, and are staying in a . We hope to be having many BBQ's and I love big prawns, steak maybe even a lobster!! Please could you tell me the best place would be to buy fresh fish and meats?? Also, after the BBQs we will be heading out looking for cocktails...any good cocktail bars that are recommended?!Executive chef John Beatty of CATCH is a fan of this market. "The best days to hit The Lobster Place are Wednesdays and Thursdays," he recommends. This is when they bring in fish that has just arrived from the larger marketplace. "As a bonus, you have the option to buy the fish whole as is -- and for no extra charge they will clean and portion for you!" For the freshest fish, best prices and friendly people, head to Free Range Fish and Lobster – it is THE place to buy fish in Portland. The fish is literally right off the boat (you can watch the fishermen unload their catch at the wharf next door) and such a deal… haddock is often $4.99/lb (you can pay 2x as much a couple blocks away). I go to Free Range Fish 2-3x a week and their fish is always the freshest and best deal in town. One more thing to love about Portland Maine!The best place to buy fresh fish in the city. However, have a look around before buying: the best piece is not always in the same place. Great deli and fruit market tooWhere are the best places to buy fresh fish here in Narragansett area? Is Port Judith and the local fish markets the best area - or are there other markets in some of the towns. We would prefer not to buy from Stop and Shop.... We are staying in Narragansett but can also drive to Newport if that's the best place.