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Find the fish tank that fits your home best at Petco and get decorating!
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Like the list? Hate the list? Which one do you want? Which one do you own? What do you think is the best pet fish of all time? Have your say below.
REEEEEEEEEAAAAADDDD!!!!!! O-oThe best pet fish option is a beta! Ez care beautiful colors and fun to have! ---. •_•
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With such a large assortment of fish food available, sometimes the choices can be overwhelming. If you’re not sure which type is best for your fish, ask for advice from a Petco aquatics specialist. They can make recommendations based on the species of fish you have, as well as give advice on best feeding practices. The following list outlines commonly used varieties of fish food with a brief description and appropriate method for offering them to your fish. Awesome? Probably my “best pet fish” on this list. (Oscar owner here, it’s hard NOT to be biased ;]).
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Fish is the member of Paraphyletic group of organism. Fish is the best pet animal of home. Here are some things keep in your mind which selection of best pet fish such as cost, compatibility with other fish, care and feed.Grateful Pets has been serving satisfied Charlotte & Mount Holly customers with the best fish products and service that you truly deserve. We have a wideHere we have two of the best Robotic Fish pets readily available in Toy Shops and major retailers - The AquaBot by HexBug and Robo Fish by Zuru. Both have similar swimming abilities, one is semi-transparent, one looks more a real fish. See which one you think swims and looks better in this 'swim off' !

What caught my eye was that this Robotic Fish looks like a Clown Fish and as I thought 'Finding Nemo' was a great movie thought it would be fun to have my very own digital electronic fish.... without needing to feed or clean or look after a real fish.
I think this is a very realistic looking fish and unless you look very closely - this looks just like a real Clown Fish swimming in a Fish Tank!
See which you think is the right one for you.

Note - The Robo Fish does have a 'Automatic turn off' timer where after 4 minutes the Robo Fish will stop swimming and float to the surface to save the batteries when left unattended. However - mine seems to swim for almost 10 minutes before it stops !
Maybe it is simply having too much fun ?!Below is a list of five more fish that are ideal beginner fish. This list is to supplement the above list of best pet fish for children. I have kept each of these species multiple times over the last 30 years, in everything from 10 gallon tanks to my current community tank setup, a 55 gallon. You will find all of these fish at your local fish store. They are hardy, easy to keep, and make great pets. So here they are in no particular order (though I am privvy to the kuhli loaches!)So, you’re looking for the perfect underwater pal to bring life into your room, living room, or office space eh? Well, I’ve compiled the following list based on my own experiences and the experiences of others- aquarium enthusiasts and newbies alike. I’ve scoured dozens of help articles, forums, and word-of-mouth verbal data to bring you guys a list of what I think are the best pet fish currently on the market (that you can easily obtain).We strongly recommend using a filter. Because an aquarium is a living biological system, it will produce various toxins that should be removed from the water. A filter helps remove these toxins and also houses the majority of the beneficial bacteria, which are vital to maintaining healthy, happy fish. Please check with your local pet shop for advice on what type of filter would work best for your aquarium. For additional information on aquarium filters, please visit .