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No one fish food should be relied on as your fish’ sole nutritional source.
For a community freshwater or saltwater aquarium start with a good basic flake or crumble such as AAP Custom/Paradigm Omnivore (crumbles), Spirulina 20 Flake, Omega, Aqueon Fish Foods, or many other quality fish foods available (it is also a good idea to switch different flake foods day to day, especially foods such as Spirulina One which will also improve your fish immune system).
Be wary of the many low quality fish foods available as well.
Do not feed two different fish foods at the same time as fish will pick and choose and this will defeat the purpose of varying the diet of your fish.
It is helpful to soak dry foods for about 5 minutes to prevent ingestion of air that can cause digestive problems, especially with goldfish and Bettas (more so with pellet foods).

Balance these flake foods with Freeze dried foods such as FD Bloodworms or Brine Shrimp or Frozen fish foods.
I especially recommend the many prepared frozen fish foods now available by companies such as Ocean Nutrition for marine fish, many of these foods address the specific needs of certain fish species.
Live foods such as blackworms, daphnia, and brine shrimp also make a good additions to your fish’ diet.
Make sure and soak live brine shrimp for 5 minutes in freshwater prior to feeding these to marine fish to prevent disease transfer.

For larger fish such as Cichlids, the same regime works, however you want to consider a pelleted fish food as well such as Hikari or AquaMaster Premium Color Luster Cichlid Food pellets.
Be careful with the feeding of worms in many African Cichlids as I have observed constipation when these are fed regularly to these particular Cichlids.

And with goldfish pelleted fish foods such as AquaMasters Goldfish Diet and a spirulina based flake food such as Spirulina 20 Flake are a good start supplemented with frozen or FD Brine Shrimp (for constipation).
Hulled peas can also make a good addition for goldfish too. It is very important with goldfish to soak dry foods for 5 minutes in water to prevent air ingestion.

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Most fish generally do well being fed twice per day (sometimes three times) in aquariums (or ponds) over 70 degrees Fahrenheit.
In ponds when temperatures fall this feeding schedule will need to be cut back.
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Many predators only need to be fed every other day or even less (such as saltwater lion fish or Arowanas in freshwater which due best with live or FD crickets IMO).

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Your goldfish need a varied, balanced diet if they’re to receive all of the nutrients they need to thrive. While one brand of goldfish food will supply your goldfish with most of the nutrients needed, you should still include other foods (freeze-dried, live, or homemade vegetables) to the diet. Feeding your goldfish one or two brands of dried food most of the time, with freeze-dried or live food and boiled vegetables worked in once or twice a week, is often best. What is the best goldfish pellet out there
Photo provided by FlickrAre gel food better than pellets
Photo provided by FlickrI stopped feeding fresh veggies and started feeding Ken's brand veggie pellets.
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