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Best Fish Tanks - 2017 Reviews (Top Picks) & Guide
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With such a huge variety of brands that specialize in fish tanks, choosing something that suits your needs and preferences can be a struggle. Some manufacturers may offer fish tanks with better filters while others offer the best choice for algae scrapers. So which brands should you trust to offer the best value for money?
Jump to Most Popular Fish Tank Filter Brands - Most Popular Fish Tank Filter Brands. In my opinion the best aquarium filter brand is Fluval.
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Preserve the beauty of your tank and promote the health and happiness of your fish today with the best fish tank filters available at Petco. Ensuring the health and vitality of your pet fish, live plants and other marine invertebrates means maintaining good water quality. Without a filtration system, the ammonia and waste produced by your fish will build up and become toxic and even poisonous. Various types of aquarium filters help to remove wastes, excess food and any decaying matter from the water. By converting fish waste and ammonia into a relatively less harmful substance-nitrate, biological aquarium water filters are a must for all aquariums. In addition to maintaining the health and well-being of your fish, aquarium filters also help to keep your water clear. Feb 25, 2016 - Read this review of the best aquarium heaters for your freshwater fish tank and get advice on which size, brand and type to consider.
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Otherwise known as a hanging heater, this type of heater is usually hang over the tank with the glass tube that houses the heating element is immersed in water. Immersible heaters are quite common, and the best option for people who are still new to keeping fish. The aquarium hood needs an opening to accommodate this. It’s important to ensure that the immersible heater is properly secured because otherwise, it can electrocute your fish and even start a fire. This heater is not ideal for use in marine or brackish fish tanks. This is because if the water finds its way into the tube, it can lead to corrosion.As far as picking an ideal Betta fish tank is concerned, there are so many different brands and models out there, it can be hard to know where to start. However, I have compiled a buyers guide of the best Betta fish tanks on the market right now so you can make a more informed buying decision when the time comes.This is one of the best selling HOB filters from Fluval, one of the most respected brands in aquarium filters. With a modular media compartment design and a five stage filtration strategy, this filter makes changing media and keeping fish tank water clean a walk in the park. The large and easy to access compartments make easy to fit custom media. It can filter up to 264 gallons of water in an hour and is ideal for 40-70 gallon fish tanks.Betta fish can happily live in community tanks and many specialist aquarium stores are now displaying their betta fish in community tanks. This isn’t a hard thing to manage as betta males are actually fairly peaceful, usually only attacking other male betta or those they confuse as male betta.
In fact the biggest issue with betta fish in community tanks, isnt the aggressive betta, but fin nippers and fish that are simply too fast for the slow moving and eating betta boy. Success can be found with many of the laid back tetra varieties, female guppies, and other live bearers that are different in colour to your betta.
As for tank size, while your betta can survive in a 2 gallon tank, this is not a recommended healthy environment. The smallest you want to keep a Betta in would be a 5 gallon tank with partial water changes every other week. A 5 gallon tank doesn’t take up much room and is much more adaptable. You have extra space for decoration as well and you’ll have a chance to see your betta actually living instead of existing. But you wanna know the best size for a Betta?
10 gal community tanks have been shown time and time again to be the best homes for betta fish. They don’t need such frequent water changes, they can support live plants and self regulate much better than a smaller tank. Add the that all that added space that you can decorate and aquascape, 10 gal and larger really are the best choice for any loving betta owner.