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The Top 5 Best Pet Fish of All Time (FRESHWATER) | StickPets
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Some fish are so aggressive and predatory that it's best they live alone, but they can make great pets. Among these are the red-bellied piranha, the arowana and the puffer fish.
Forget the Fish, Lizards are the Best First Pets Ever!
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For this article, I am assuming you know enough about basic fish care to be considering which fish you would like to put into your new tank. This is a crucial decision. Do not trust some store employee to tell you which fish you should choose. They most likely know very little. It's up to you to make a wise decision. I am going to list five fish commonly purchased for a first aquarium that are horrible choices. However, store employees constantly sell these fish to unsuspecting customers who will most likely be back in a few weeks to replace their new pets that have gone on to that big fish tank in the sky. I will also list some much better alternatives that will allow you to get started in what can be a very fascinating and rewarding hobby. In determining the best beginner fish, I first wanted to make sure that they were hardy enough to allow for beginner mistakes that are bound to happen. Secondly, I chose fish that could live happily in the common community aquarium that most beginners like to set up. These fish don't require huge tanks or need special care to survive. Hopefully, this lens will guide you in choosing fish that are both appealing and appropriate for your aquarium. Feb 19, 2017 - Forget the Fish, Lizards are the Best First Pets Ever
Photo provided by FlickrSep 3, 2013 - Betta fish are the best dorm room pets - you can teach them tricks, they're low maintenance, plus they add color and balance to your room.
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Fish tanks provide a safe haven for your fish pets to live. As a pet owner, you know how important securing a comfortable resting place for your pets is. In the case of fish pets, this means buying the best fish tanks with great features. Bettas, also known as "Siamese fighting fish", are popular pets recognized for their aggressiveness, interactivity, and low cost for care and maintenance. Betta fish can prove to be your best friend for up to four years. Follow these tips to make sure your new pal has a great, happy and healthy life.