I am interested in setting up a small 2-3 gallon fish tank on my desk

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You can keep the fancy goldfishes in 2 numbers at their younger ages. But after 1 year you are obviously going to need a 20 gallon tank as they grow at a faster rate. However, you can keep 1 Betta fish as it is the best fish for a 5 gallon tank.
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You’ll want to consider some things while looking at the list below, some of them are blanket statements while some are more specific to your own fish and preferences for your environment. Below are six options for the best 2.5 gallon fish aquariums you can find. These small fish tanks are very different from each other, though at first glance they look the same. You’ll want to keep an eye on the filtration system, the amount of power it puts out, how that current can effect your fish and how often it purifies the water in the tank. You’ll also want to watch the specs on the lights to make sure they’re not too bright. Jun 10, 2015 - Learn which fish are best for your 55-gallon tank and how to make smart ..
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If you happen to have a central location for your fish tank, this 360-degree aquarium could provide the perfect solution. With entirely integrated light and filter, this setup maximizes the viewing area so you can enjoy the best view of your fish from any angle. It’ll work best for bettas, goldfish, and a handful of small social fish, since it’s a 2.65 gallon capacity. Choose your fish, , and and get to it.You’ve got a whole spectrum of options above from sleek designs to traditional looks to space savers. Any of the above 2 gallon fish tanks for sale will serve as a great home for your fish but you’ll want to do research on just how to best craft a home for your fish for 2 gallon tank, whether they be goldfish or shrimp and snails, freshwater fish or saltwater. I have a small 2.77 gallon tank with fake plants that house one fighting fish ( betta) and two guppies. What kind of algae eaters would be best for my tank?Let’s just face it: small things are cute and tiny things are even cuter. This list encompasses my favorite 11 nano species for freshwater tanks. None of the fish on the list require a tank larger than 10 gallons and majority of them can live happily in even 5 gallons.
It is important to house tiny fish with other tiny fish. The majority of the species on this list are shy, timid, and very peaceful. They can easily be out-competed for food and stressed out if placed in aquarium with larger, more boisterous tankmates. Nearly every fish on this list could live happily together in a 10 to 20 gallon aquarium except one, the pea puffer. Pea puffers can be nasty little buggers and would be best suited in a tank all on their own.