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It may amaze some guppy breeders to read that many top experts do not regard the daphnia the best guppy food. Many use them as a large part of their diet regimen. The commercial sources for live daphnia have all but disappeared and are they are quite expensive when you do find them. They do not live long and must be fed to your fishes as soon as you get them home. Daphnia exhaust the oxygen from their containers and need to be kept cold and thus inactive if they are to live as long as possible without food. Most stores now sell frozen daphnia, but in my experience you wind up paying for a lot of ice and not much daphnia. I'd avoid it. is not a very difficult thing to do and, it's a lot of fun. There are many of daphnia starter kits which can be found in the classified section of any tropical fish magazine.
There are about 50 different species oh daphnia but the two most common and most appropriate for feeding to your guppies are daphnia magnawhich is many times larger than the smallest species and daphnia pulex, which is the most common.
One word of warning! Do not put a heavy feeding of daphnia into a tank of guppy fry. The daphnia not only tend to exhaust the oxygen supply from the water, but they also eat the infusoria that the fry need to maintain proper health and growth.
I was curious if guppies are the best live food for axolotls besides earthworms? are there are fish that can easily be breed to feed axolotls?
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The main food our Endlers get is a high quality flake food. We switch brands from time to time but try to buy the best foods available. Endlers seem to prefer a general tropical fish flake food or a food that is specifically made for guppies. Recently I had 2 female guppies rehomed into my 26 gallon betta sorority tank without my knowledge
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Guppy fish are extremely easy to feed. Basic “tropical flakes” can be found at any pet store. BUT SOME brands of fish food are full of “fillers” and not very nutritional for fish. I highly advise buying one of the best brands of food. It will only be a couple dollars more in cost. I highly recommend .There are a number of excellent dry foods in the market that have a high degree of protein, fiber and vitamins essential for the growth of young guppies. One of the best dry foods I have used is a special blend used by a local fish farmer who breeds guppies and other small fish as feeders. His growth rate is unbelievable. After using his food for two months, I have found a remarkable difference in my young guppies. After many favors and some coaxing I was able to get the ingredients for his recipe with the promise that I will only buy his flake foods by the pound and not try to copy it.The best food to feed your guppy fry with is live brine shrimp Feed the fry as often as 2- times a day. Keep in mind that brine shrimp acts as a laxative to fry so in order to nuetralize this feed the fry a small powdered form of a good flake food first as the powdered food will help hold the shrmp in the fishes body longer(feed shrimp for their first 6 months).Guppies eat a wide variety of foods in the wild, including and water insect larvae. In a home aquarium though, you want to feed your guppies a combination of foods. By feeding them a quality flake food designed for tropical fish, you can enhance the colour of your guppy. But if that isn’t important to you, any quality flake food should be fine for them. We recommend you get the best possible food for your fish. You might want to stay away from pellet style food as it can be too large for a guppies’ mouth. Guppies can have a wide variety of foods and it is recommended you incorporate other options besides the flakes to keep them healthy.