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I want to get the best filter that I'm able for our two goldfish
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2. Most of the money will be spent on the filters. I have a bio wheel filter for 55 gallon tank from my last setup. I wasn't planning on using that (because goldfish need more than that and I might use that for a smaller quarantine tank). I would like a sterilizer and was wondering if the canister filter was the best way to go. I have never used either.
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In my experience, an undergravel filter isn’t the best choice for a goldfish tank, especially with common goldfish that get very large and produce a lot of waste. A more effective choice for the “long haul” would be a which would give you much more flexibility in filter media to help cope with the waste and ammonia produced by goldfish. I like and have used the myself but there are other brands out there that are very good with their own pro’s and con’s. Even a basic or two will give you good flow and many have customizable cartridges that you can fill with media like carbon or zeolite to help keep the water quality safe for the fish. When choosing any filter, keep in mind that the recommended volumes are generally given for lightly-stocked tanks with small fish; for goldfish tanks, go up at least a size or two. For a 60-gallon goldfish tank, I would look for a filter rated at least for 75-90 gallons or more. You can visit our Article Archive for more information on and other related topics. What is the best filter for a goldfish bowl
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Sold yet? A lot of people seem to like Ehiem canister filters.I have no experience with them. I personally don't feel acanister is the best option for goldfish. Many people are making the mistake that they don’t need to buy a filter when they are going to create a goldfish tank. They think that because goldfish don’t really need to have a heater, it also means that they don’t require a filter. But, if you are looking for a fish tank that is a great environment for your goldfish and to ensure that they are thriving, you need to buy the best fish tank filters or . Here are some tips on how you can choose your fish tank filters of goldfish:
Why you need to have a filter in a goldfish tankAlthough tanks come in many different sizes and shapes, the standardrectangular tank is still the best. Stay away from novelty tanks and weirdshapes. Those are not always built with the best interests of goldfishin mind. For example, a spheroid tank may look attractive, but in the end,the surface area is seriously limited. A hexagonal tank has more corners,and may be more difficult to maintain. The same is true of a tank thatis too deep or tall. Can you easilly reach the bottom for cleanings? Doesthe coffee-table tank let in enough oxygen? Can you attach a filter? Perhapsthe worst I've ever seen is a grandfather clock fishtank. It was tall andimpossible to clean. It had almost no surface area. There was no placeto place an airhose or pump.The eggs will hatch within 5-7 days, depending on the temperature. It's a very good idea to be raising some baby brine shrimp or infusoria to feed to the babies a few days after they hatch. For the first 3-4 days the fry will swim very little and feed off of the yolk-sack on their stomachs. When you see a few babies swimming freely and looking for food, add the baby brine shrimp or infusoria to the tank. Live daphnia can also be added, they will not only help keep the tank clean but will provide yet another variety of live food. It's very important for the fry to have very clean water. Water changesof 50 % every DAY are highly recommended. Fish fry are very delicate sowater changes are best done with air-line tubing as a siphon. A goldfish spawn can produce hundreds of fry. Some will be deformed and die off; some will be weak and be eaten; some, though they'll survive, will be deformed. These fish will need to be 'culled'. An easyway to remove deformed fish (i.e.-those with bent backs) is by using a turkey baster and dropping the deformed fish into a bowl or bucket filled with crushed ice and cold water. Young goldfish will not usually have their adult coloring until they are around 6 months old. Even then a goldfish may change color later on in life. Goldfish are generally done growing when they reach 3-4 years of age, and if properly taken care of, your goldfish will live into their teens, or longer!