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In closing, I would just like to point out that although some cichlids are known for being more peaceful than others, it is different for every individual fish. The techniques listed above are just suggestions based on personal experiences and research – designed to help you find the best non-aggressive cichlids for your aquarium. I hope this helped you.
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They are fairly non-aggressive community fish. They can be kept in a smaller species only tank or in a larger aquarium with other durable fish, as long as they have their own territory. They are best kept with mild-mannered tankmates such as other Tanganyikan cichlids of the genus such as the and the , the genus ,such as the and the , as well as catfish. It is best to avoid housing them with African cichlids from Lake Malawi or Lake Victoria.Though relatively peaceful, they can get aggressive with others of their own kind. In the wild the Lemon Cichlid is usually found alone and a pair will only come together for reproductive purposes. Young siblings from a spawning pair will usually get along okay, but others will not be tolerated. To keep several, or to keep this fish in a community environment, the aquarium should be good sized. 10 Best Cichlid Fish for Your Aquarium - DoKnowIt
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The Cockatoo cichlid is very territorial and a micro-predator and feeding on live feeder fish or shrimp as well as crisps or flakes designed for cichlids. Due to their territorial trait the Cockatoos should be the only Apistogramas kept in their tank usually, a male-female pair is best.Hey Everyone, today I decided to bring to you all my opinion on a common topic in the fish keeping hobby..."what's the best cichlid for the beginner?" Now if you know me, you know I've kept all kinds of cichlids, so in this video I decide which one I think is the easiest to care for!

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Google+: This is another peaceful cichlid, but only when not raising its offspring. It is easily bred, so their price is pretty low making them very accessible to hobbyist aquarists. The largest Blue Acaras reach up to 6.3 inches and it’s best to keep them with larger fish or at least fish of their own size, as Acaras are known to bully or even eat smaller fish.Best fish food for best fish.
African Cichlids
Haps and peacocks also mbuna
Also good for salt water fish.

My cichlids
African Cichlids Haps Common and Predator
Common Haps
Oropharynx Tetrastigma
Copadichromis Red Fin Borleyi
Sciaenochromis Fryeri
Phenochilus Star Sapphire
Placidochromis Milomo VC10
Placidochromis Deep Water Hap
Placidochromis Gissel
Cyrtocara Moori dolphins
Chilotilapia euchilus
Chilotilapia Rhoadesi
Otopharynx Big spot Hap Magunga
Lepthrinops Oculatus
Steveni Taiwan Reef
OB Tetrastigma Taiwan Reef mix
Predator Haps
Champsochromis Caeruleus (Malawi Trout)
Nimbochromis Sp. Venustus
Nimbochromis Sp. Livingstoni
Nimbochromis Sp. polystigma
Nimbochromis Sp. Fuscotaeniatus
Exochromis Anagenys
Fossorochromis Rostratus
Dimidiochromis Compressiceps Malawi 🇲🇼 eye bitter
Buccocohromis Nototania
Teaniochromis Holotaenia
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