What is the best canister filter for saltwater/freshwater aquariums?

Q:What’s the best canister filter for a saltwater aquarium?
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Although a or larger ones can use a canister, there are some or smaller ones. And if you have a large sized aquarium, having a canister filtration system is definitely a must. It is important for you to make an educated selection, based on your needs, your schedule for maintenance, and simply what you are looking for, in relation to the best canister filter for you.
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Further on in this article I talk about what sizes are best used in which tanks but for now, I want to explain fully how a canister filter actually works. Canister filters are usually situated underneath, behind or beside the tank tucked away out of sight, the filter is connected to the aquarium by tubes. The first tube is used for drawing the water out of the aquarium and the second tube is used for restoring the water into the aquarium. The water that is drained from the tank via the suction tube gets directed to a filtration system where the water gets purified and toxins and wastes are removed. Top 10 Best Canister Filter for Aquarium in 2017 Reviews
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With all the benefits that a canister filter offers, every demanding aquarium needs one. An external filter allows superior filtration and a stronger flow than most other filter types. But there are many different canister filter brands and models out there, each one with different features and specifications. Which one is the best choice for your aquarium?Regular filter maintenance is a must for a healthy fish tank. Depending on your aquarium, you may have to take your canister filter apart once every 3 – 5 weeks. The process is tedious – but some canister filters are easier to clean than others. We put an emphasis on ease of maintenance while reviewing our top 5 best canister filters.
canister filters seem to be the big hype right now in freshwater and some saltwater aquariums but what is the best canister filter that you guys have ever used. what is the best bang for your buck. i know i use the fluval fx6 and i love the thing to death but thats a pricey investment and not everyone is ready to drop some serious cash for a filter. so in your experience with your aquariums what is the best canister filter you guys have ever used.The type of construction that you get on a model is important for choosing the best canister filter for aquarium. The construction will influence the durability and adaptability of the model. You need a model that can work great and deliver the performance you really want. Most of the would come made of plastic with a few metallic parts. As much as they would be made of plastic, it can be strong plastic meaning that it would deliver the best performance over a long time. Finding the best canister filter for your aquarium is one of the most important steps you will take. Unlike other filters, which only perform minor filtration, canister filters can go as far as housing beneficial bacteria, breaking down harmful chemicals that cannot be filtered out using conventional means. Combined with their extreme strength and silent operation, a high quality canister filter will easily help create a resilient tank with crystal clear water. A few features you many canister filters look for are The tank size is quite another important feature to consider when choosing the best canister filter. Some of the filters would be great for nano tanks while others would be great for large tanks. The good thing about most manufacturers is that they often give the rating of their filters. You can now end up getting the best filter for 20 gallon tank, 30 gallon tank, 65 gallon tank or any other size of aquarium you might have. What is important is that you get to understand what the canister can deliver before choosing. No need to end up with a smaller capacity filter when the tank needs a lot more.