Best Betta Fish Foods to Help Keep Your Betta Healthy and Stress Free

Do you and the kids own a Betta fish? Well you just found the best Betta fish food on the market!
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Betta fish are classified as carnivores, and eat insects in the wild. The best betta food replicates these specific dietary needs without a lot of added and indigestible fillers. For most betta keepers it may not be possible to source or provide live foods as a betta fish’s main diet. It’s best then, to provide a variety of high-quality pellets, flakes, freeze dried, frozen and live foods. Each is covered below.
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The best food for betta fish is HBH Betta Bites available in some small pet stores and online from Pisces Pros. You can find bulk betta fish food and wholesale betta fish food, along with other HBH products, based on your needs. Many Siamese fighting fish owners often ask what is the best betta fish food available
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Betta fish have upturned mouths. In their natural habitats, they feed on larvae and plankton at the surface of the water. For this reason, foods with the ability to float on the water's surface will probably be the best choice for your pet.What is the best food for betta fish? It seems like obvious advice but a betta fish specific pellet is usually the best. To make sure the fish food you have meets the carnivorous betta fish’s needs check the ingredients. The first few ingredients should be meat based and overall protein percentage should be 40% or more.Two of the most common questions regarding betta fish feeding habits are how often do you feed a betta fish and what is the best food to feed them. Two great questions as this really shows you are thinking about the health of your little fish.Hi! Glad to hear your betta is doing better, that does sound like a much more suitable setup. 🙂 As for the food, just regular high-quality betta pellets and frozen foods (such as brine shrimp) are best. The pea thing is actually a myth and peas are not suitable as goldfish food! Daphnia is said to be a better option for constipated fish.
Good luck!With all the pellets and flakes meant for bettas that all claim they are the best, it can be difficult to figure out which one to actually buy. Luckily, the ingredient list can tell you a lot! As mentioned before, bettas are carnivores that need a very high protein diet. However, protein based ingredients like fish are quite expensive; more expensive than cheaper plant based ingredients like wheat or soy. Many manufacturers of betta food therefore choose to use more plant based ingredients and other cheap options like fish meal instead of whole fish. The downside of this is that the food is less good for your betta.The digestive system of the betta fish is specifically designed to handle a high protein diet. A diet that would be at least 50% protein is best. Most betta food (pellets) will have a protein rating of at least 50%.The best Betta fish food. I have been using this food for years and have never had a Betta refuse to eat it. Keeps them healthy and happy with a lot of energy and bright color fins. Don't bother using anything else! This is the best.Fish food is probably one of the best kinds of food that you can feed your betta fish, mostly because live food is what fish naturally eat when they are not in captivity. Don’t worry because you don’t have to go fishing or digging for any special foods to feed your fish.