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Here’s our run-down on the 7 best aquarium glass cleaners and algae scraper tools on the market…
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At the first sight of algae in an aquarium simply brush it away using this long handled scraper. The abrasive scrubber pad (blue) is intended for use on , while the less abrasive scrubber pad (white) is for use on . Both quickly and easily remove even the most intense of algae growth. The large size of the scrubber pad covers a big area at once, making quick work on cleaning fish tanks and cleaning aquariums. The durable design can withstand extreme scrubbing. Measuring 19″ long, this glass scrubber is best suited for smaller tanks. It can be used in larger tanks without getting your hand wet when the water is partially drained.
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So you want an easier way to clean your aquarium do you? Well, aquarium magnets could be just the thing for you. Here we will review products to find the best magnet to clean aquarium glass. But, not so fast, there are a few things you need to know about the dangers of these magnets before you run out to get one. If you have sand or fine crushed gravel (most saltwater tanks nowadays) then you need to be very careful when using the magnet near the sand line. One small grain of sand caught between the magnet and the glass can leave a nasty scratch. This goes double if you have an acrylic tank since acrylic scratches much easier than glass (although, most scratches can be removed from an acrylic tank. Scratches in glass are there forever.) What the best way to clean hard water stains on the aquarium glass inside?
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This magnet can be used for tanks with glass thickness of less than 6 mm. It has the dimensions of 3.7 by 1.8 by 3.1 inches and is suited for tanks up to 35 gallons. The cleaner is best used on glass tanks and not acrylic ones. What I love in this cleaner is that the outside handle features a easy-to-slide felt surface to fully clean your tank with only a little effort. The inside piece is able to float in the water for easy retrieval to clean after uses. It is a great option for cleaning aquarium algae without getting wet.Mag-Float are one of the best known manufacturers of magnetic aquarium cleaners and this is one of the most popular and readily bought algae cleaning tools on the market. Suitable for glass tanks only.Algae magnets work great with acrylic and glass aquariums that have square corners and flat sides; if your aquarium is curved or rounded, these magnets aren't the best option for ridding the walls of algae. The magnet has two parts; one goes on the outside of the aquarium and the other part goes on the inside. The magnet affixed to the inside wall has a cleaning pad; when you move the outside magnet, the cleaning pad attached to the inside magnet cleans off the aquarium wall. The outside magnet has a felt pad so the outside wall doesn't get scratched. You can purchase aquarium magnets at your local pet store or online.Despite taking preventative steps it is still necessary to keep some type of fish tank glass cleaner on hand. The material and size of the tank, and sometimes even the thickness of the tank walls determine the best type of aquarium cleaner. Magnetic cleaners make it easy to scrub and stay dry, but powerful magnets pose a few risks. They can be difficult to get apart, and can painfully pinch fingers while handling. A lot of times magnetic cleaners are stored on the tank, this prevents the hassle of trying to pry to pieces apart. It may not be ideal in small tanks, since it takes up space, or in saltwater tanks due to the possibility of corrosion. When a magnetic glass cleaner is stored on the tank it sort of becomes part of the aquascaping, so if it is considered an eyesore this may not be an acceptable solution. Both sticks with scrubbers attached and magnetic aquarium cleaners are a great way to clean fish tank glass or acrylic. When selecting an aquarium glass cleaner on a stick, or extender pole make sure to get one that is long enough to reach the bottom. Also look for a durable construction. Sometimes the only way to remove tough algae growth is through serious scrubbing, the glass cleaner needs to be up to the task.