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Aquatic Banana Aquarium Plant Banana Lily or Big Floating Heart, is the perfect plant for aquarists of any level, as it is an easy aquatic plant to grow and maintain. Requirements include any light. This aquarium plant does well with various water conditions. If you’re looking for the perfect startup plant for your aquarium, you can do no wrong with the Big Floating Heart.
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An Aquarium Banana Plant is often available plants in pet stores these days. A great foreground plant with green tubers that give it a "banana-like" look. hot sale 2017 Live Banana Plant Aquarium
Photo provided by FlickrLive Banana Plant Aquarium hot sale
Photo provided by FlickrLive Banana Plant Aquarium 85%OFF
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"Oh those"; "Yeah, banana plants are cuteand all, but they don't live". I wish I had a dollar(post-tax) for every time I've heard that statement. Banana plantscan be made to live in aquariums; stipulated that you start withhealthy specimens, give them water that is not too hard, acidic toslightly alkaline, and plenty of illumination.Yes, banana plants can be kept in aquariums; for bestresults make sure you're dealing with and accommodating a cool ortropical species; do root it at the substrate, either by weighting oradjusting to water level. Provide plenty of light, soft, acidic water,and watch 'em flower.The genus of aquarium banana plants, ispart of the Family Gentianaceae, a group that includes some terrestrialflowers of medicinal interest. Worldwide the "banana-plant"genus ("Nim-foi-dees") includes fivespecies used by aquarists, though one looks more like a waterlily.Nymphoides aquatica is an aquatic plant in the Menyanthaceae, native to the southeastern United States from Texas to Maryland is known variously as the banana plant or banana lily, Banana plants are common aquarium plantsBanana plants are common aquarium plants, often being grown as fillers or specimen plants because of their unusual shape. Banana plants should have a third of the larger banana shaped roots buried in the gravel. The plant will also put out normal shaped roots. The lowermost leaves grow 6-18" tall and frequently the plant will produce a floating lily leaf at the surface. Given optimal conditions, this plant will commonly flower in the tank. It requires minimal lighting, but does best in high to bright conditions. Propagation in an aquarium is usually accomplished by clipping a mature leaf and re-planting when roots emerge.Propagation occurs when adventitious plants are formed and firmly pressed into damp ground or the aquarium substrate. Fully formed leaves may also be pressed into substrate to form new plants. Use Banana Plants as foreground plants and plant them singly for best results and for the most attractive look. An Aquarium Banana Plant is often available plants in pet stores these days. A great foreground plant with green tubers that give it a "banana-like" look.This video explains some basic care needed to grow a banana plant in your home aquarium. The banana plant is a beginner plant with big yellow/green leaves. Thank you for watching. Please comment, rate, like, and subscribe. Suggestions are always welcome too!