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Zoo Med Aquarium Betta Bed Fish Tank Bowl Decoration Artificial Plant Bamboo
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Hi, I made a lucky bamboo arrangement, I washed all the river rocks and aquatic plant before placing in XL brandy glass. I used luke warm water from the tap to fill the bowl then added one male betta fish(Petco), and feed him a very small amount of betta flakes (Petco). He swim around for about 5 minutes and then seemed to be hiding in the bamboo stocks near the surface of the bowl. This went on for about 10 minutes until I became worried that maybe he was stuck in between the stocks, or something was wrong with him, so I took a spoon handle and nudged him from between the stocks he swim around for 5 seconds to return to the same spot, after another 10 minutes I did the same thing again with the spoon. This went on with him going into different areas of the glass doing the same, floating on his back at the surface, and lastly doing the same at the bottom of the tank. I took a 2 1/2 hour nap and woke to him in the same position at the bottom of the tank. I tapped on the glass and nudged him again with the spoon, but sadly nothing happened he had died just that quick. when I removed him from the water the water temp did seem to be on the colder side. I am not understanding what happened I made this arrangement for my BF as a healing measure since fish and planting are therapeutic and I was very disappointed with the fish dying before 24 hours I want this beautiful arrangement with the betta fish, and I would love to have a happy healthy fish that will swim around and bring joy to my BF, PLEASE HELP ME what did I do wrong?
Betta Tank Setup - The Hidden Bamboo Garden & White Half Moon Betta Fish
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My coolest shelf ever just became the coolest fish tank ever! I put rocks and a bamboo in each jar, and then added a betta in each one! LOVE IT! Perfect Christmas gift! 3pc Zoo Med Aquarium Betta Bed Fish Tank Bowl Ornament Artificial Plant Bamboo
Photo provided by FlickrZoo Med Aquarium Betta Bed Fish Tank Bowl Decoration Artificial Plant Bamboo
Photo provided by Flickrhe does anyone know if fish poop and left over food furtilizes plants? specificaly my lucky bamboo in my betta tank?
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Fish and aquariums have been a hobby of mine ever since the day my Dad bought me my first aquarium when I was 12. Little did my father know that the little Betta fish he bought for me for a few bucks at the pet store for my brand new aquarium would spark a life long interest in fish keeping. My interest in fish has jumped from a small Betta fish tank to a 30-gallon saltwater reef tank, however I still love having a Betta fish tank in my house. After having a Betta for awhile someone suggested that I keep my Betta in a tank with my bamboo plants. It was an interesting idea so I decided to give it a try and it turns out that it is one of the best ideas anyone has suggested to me for a multitude of different reasons.This is a picture of both of our bamboo/Betta tanks. The one to the right has had a Betta fish in it for quite some time and you can tell by darker green color in the bamboo that it’s definitely helping the plant. The ones to the right had much more leaves before our cats decided they liked the taste of bamboo. We recently bought the bamboo on the left from a store after seeing how massive they were and just got another Betta fish for it and we’re hoping that it gets as green as the one to the right. The Betta’s love their homes and you can sort of tell with the plants to the right how much our cats have loved the plants and eaten some of the leaves.It turns out that keeping a Betta fish in a tank with some bamboo is really beneficial to both the Betta and the plant. As the Betta fish is fed and creates waste, the waste provides nutrients for the bamboo plant sort of as a natural fertilizer for the plant. The bamboo plant soaks up all of the nutrients such as nitrogen created from the Betta fish waste and in turn becomes extremely healthy. As the bamboo grows and photosynthesizes, it oxygenates the water making it easier for the Betta to get oxygen. Bamboo plants are very self-sufficient little plants. All you really need to do is provide them with plenty of clean water and they will grow. Keeping a Betta fish in with mine drastically made a difference in how healthy they look and fast they grow.This is a great example of plants and animals living together in harmony. I got the idea for this Betta Fish tank at Craft Warehouse. I used a Bamboo plant for this tank. I used a beautiful case with hearts around it as my fish tank. I cut a hole in the bottom of a 5" clear plant saucer, to put the roots of the Bamboo plant through. I layered clear marbles and red skittles ( NOT the candy ones) to decorate the bottom of the vase. I added water and a red and blue Betta Fish. I put an air…