Baby loggerhead turtle. Photo by National Aquarium in Baltimore

Baltimore's National Aquarium wants your help in naming its baby loggerhead turtle.
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A filter is not absolutely required for a baby turtle but it is good to have. Not only will it keepthewatercleaner, it will reduce the film that will develop on the surface, and give the baby some currentagainstwhich to swim. I have used the Duetto 100 filter. It can lay on its side so it works in water asshallowas a few inches which is what hatchlings need. There are a few other submersible small filtersthat maywork as well. I covered the intake with panty hose so that the live blackworms did not all getquicklysucked into the filter before the turtle could feed. Also, hatchlings that are weak may get feetsucked into a filter so a mesh cover is a good idea at first to prevent that. Getting the air out ofthe filter in order to get itstartedis not that easy and takes practice. I hold it open on its side and twist it to get the air out, closeit,andplug it in and hope it starts. The Duetto has an adjustable output. So, when Snappy was veryyoung, I set it on the slowest setting so the water barely moved so Snappy did not get thrownaround the tank. By the time he was four-months-old, I had turned the setting all the way up. Snappy enjoyedswimminginto the current. It is important however that only a portion of the tank/box have moving waterso thereare still areas where the baby can rest without having to fight the moving water. Adding plasticplantshelps a lot with that. I used two meant for aquariums but had to take them out when Snappytriedto nibble on them. The hatchlings I have had seem to like to sit on top of the filter and heater sothey are partly in the water and partly out while relaxing.
The National Aquarium, which has a nameless baby loggerhead turtle in its midst, wants to know.
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Photo by Contributed Photo /Times Free Press. Five baby turtles hatched at the Tennessee Aquarium this summer are members of a vanishing species of Southeast Asian turtles that an international group calls "critically endangered." That phrase means that the turtles are in imminent danger of going extinct. When it comes to naming a new baby turtle, the National Aquarium staff isn’t staying in its shell.
Photo provided by FlickrThe baby turtle does not have name yet, but the aquarium plans to hold a public naming for the animal in 2016.
Photo provided by FlickrThere are different creative ways of setting up an aquarium for a baby softshell turtle. Here are the basic needs that must be included.
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Painted turtles are semi-aquatic pets, meaning they live both in the water and on land, explains Aquaworld Aquarium. If you are considering a baby painted turtle as a pet, remember that it will grow to as long as 10 inches, and you need to provide your turtle with a home with ample room to accommodate it as it gets bigger. This is not the pet for you if you are looking for something low maintenance; turtles need quite a bit of hands-on care. In return, your turtle will reward you with up to 25 years of companionship.The safest way to know how deep to fill the water tank or aquarium is to measure their shells’ width size. The water should be about an inch taller than the width of it’s shell. In this way, the baby turtle can swim freely in the water. Remember that you have to change the water daily or else use a filter and change the water every three days. Baby turtles are about as cute as they get, but before taking one home as a pet it is important to carefully consider their captive care requirements. They are long-lived animals, often reaching 50 years or more of age. They also grow quickly and within a year will need a large aquarium. Unfortunately, most often people find themselves with a baby turtle that was irresponsibly sold or given to them without thought for the animal’s long-term well-being or what it needs and will need to live a healthy life in captivity.The great chance of survival for these little pet turtles is to keep them on a temperature that their body needs. The water and the basking area for the baby turtles should be about 86F warm. Pet stores recommend for owners to use a lamp or a bulb lighted and put above the aquarium or enclosure to make the pet home warm for these baby turtles.