Baby Oranda GoldFish - 1 Month: tramite

Home breed oranda goldfish baby @17days old
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Want to sell one baby Oranda goldfish. Orange with black fins and 1-2 inches long. Bought it without doing the research beforehand and my setup is completely inadequate for this fish. Would rather give to a responsible owner than return to the pet shop. Pickup local in Boston, MA. Free to the right owner.
Oranda goldfish baby fry 25 days old
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The headgrowth of young fry(baby fish), may take one to two years to develop. The Oranda can reach 8 to 12 inches (20 to 31 centimeters) long. Recently the blue scale Oranda goldfish was breed, but these fish are very rare. Oranda goldfish do not tolerate cold water as well as the Common Goldfish. Goldfish Oranda baby
Photo provided by Flickrmy first video! this is candy my baby oranda goldfish. i know the tank is small but i will be moving him to a 80 gallon soon:)
Photo provided by FlickrWant to sell one baby Oranda goldfish.
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I took the eggs out so no other fish would eat them and put them temporarily in a small 5 gallon fish tank since it was the only extra one I had available. Two days later, there were about 200 small baby goldfish clinging to the walls of the tank! After looking at them for a long time, I noticed that some of ! them had fat stomachs and were swimming different ways than other ones, so I think that they might be the fantails.Orandas are different from other goldfish with dorsal fins because of their wen or head growth. The classic Oranda most often has big lobed tail fins. While the modern Asian Oranda has several tail forms that look like a Siamese Fighting Fish or Betta. This is one of the most popular breeds in North America, part of reason for this, is the unusual head as compared to other varieties, and it also is readily available from grade AAA to pet store quality. They are also available in various sizes from three months to breeder size. In several shows over the last few decades, pet store baby fish were raised to be grand champions due to excellent grooming by keeper hobbyist.Baby oranda goldfish. Red Cap is Ivy (mine) Orange is Roger (my brothers) in their 10 gallon aquarium on their first day home. Very active little critters! I know it's supposed to be 1 fancy fish per 10 gallons but next week my brother is getting his 10 gallon aquarium so, they'll have to deal with it until then :)Nice black Oranda. Notice tubercles on wen (head, behind eye) and on first ray of pectoral fin, (meaning it's a boy ready to make baby goldfish). Dandy Orandas Jan 2013 auction.