Baby FanTail GoldFish - YouTube

My New Baby Fantail Goldfish - YouTube
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When it’s time for your fantail goldfish to start spawning, add spawning mops to the aquarium. These enable the sticky li’l fish eggs to adhere to them when baby-making time has come. You’ll find these at the fish store, ready to take out of the package and drop into your aquarium.
Baby fantail goldfish - YouTube
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I have a 53 gallon glass tank with three young fancy goldfish!! Buggy is a black moor, Goldie is a fantail,and Lilly is the smallest baby raunchu . I would prefer a acrylic but I got my tank at the pet shop on a dollar per gallon sale and they didn’t have much left to choose from !! Fantail Goldfish baby help? | Yahoo Answers
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You guys were so helpful with my dwarf frogs, I thought I'd reach out and get the best advice on my goldfish and dojo loach tank. I currently have two small baby fantail goldfish and three small dojo loaches (two gold and one natural) in a 20 gallon long, but of course I'm looking for a big upgrade currently which should be done within a week or two as I'm aware that these guys get big.Like all goldfish, your fantails lay eggs. These eggs hatch in two to three days depending on the temperature. They don't require food for the first 24 hours as the fry (that's fish-geek talk for "baby goldfish") will live off their remaining yolk-sack. At this point, fantail fry need small, live food to feed on. It takes up to a month for them to take ground-up fish flakes. At four months, they are basically tiny adults and can take normal goldfish flakes. It takes an entire year for fantails to reach sexual maturity.These are some of my baby fantail goldfish. There are also some fancy guppies and pink ramshorn snails in this tank. All the fish are going crazy because it's feeding time.Yep, you’re gonna take on a protective role with the little newborn babies. Adult fantail goldfish have a rather bloodthirsty habit -- they like to eat baby goldfish, even their own. They also like to eat the eggs. Right after the eggs have been fertilized, take the spawning mops out of the aquarium, rinse them in clean water and put the mops into a 20 gallon tank with water no deeper than 6 inches. The little egglets love cool water, so keep the water temperature at about 70 degrees F. It’s important for you to remove the fertilized eggs that have taken on a cloudy appearance. These little ones won’t grow up into baby fantail goldfish and, if they are allowed to stay in the aquarium, will attract all sorts of unattractive, unwelcome fungi. To prevent this, you’ll need to remove these dead eggs. The ones that don't turn cloudy will hatch in about three to four days as long as the temperature stays constant.