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If you are looking to purchase an automatic pond fish feeder, check out our reviews above and reference the individual product pages to get deeper insight into how other users are using their fish feeders to supply their ponds and lakes with food.
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Regularly feeding the fish in your lake or pond with an automatic feeder can be beneficial for a variety of reasons. Many waterbodies are lacking a natural food source or don’t produce enough natural food to support the desired predator population. And while not all species eat fish food, every fish in your lake or pond will benefit from the additional food source. Here are five reasons to consider adding to your lake or pond this year: Automatic Pond-Fish Feeder
Photo provided by FlickrOrder your automatic pond or lake fish feeder and keep the waters in your area beautiful.  to learn more.
Photo provided by FlickrLet's take a look at five of the best-selling automatic pond fish feeders on the market today and see how they compare.
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-Idealfor use as a pond, lake or deer feeder the Sweeney Galvanized feeder isauger fed for less blockage. It has a 24-event timer and operates witha 12-volt motor off a 12-volt battery ideal for remote use. Solar poweris recommended to maintain the battery’s charge. The feederis waist high for ease in filling and can hold up to 100 pounds of cornfor deer feeding or 70 pounds of dry fish feeding pellet.

-Similar to the Sweeney galvanized feeder in hunter green it can be usedas a fish pond feeder or a deer feeder. The auger feed preventsclogging and will distribute feed at least five feet from the base ofthe feeder but its feed direction can be altered to meet the need.

- This heavy duty dock fish feeder can attach to a dock railing or apole to feed and attract fish around your waterfront property. Thefeeder automatically sends food up to 40-feet out onto the watereliminating wasted food on the dock. It will automatically feed twice aday with an interval that can be adjusted for up to 90 minutes each.

Smaller ponds especially benefit from automatic fish feeders because supplemental fish feed increases the fish carrying capacity that would not be naturally available in small ponds. Surprise your friends and family with trophy catfish and hybrid bluegill out of that small pond, Start Feeding Today!Your fishing as well as your fish quality and quantity will be enhanced by constant timely fish feeding with an automatic fish feeder. It has been shown that daily feeding dramatically increases fish growth rates, and raises the fish carrying capacity of your pond or lake. Supplemental fish feeding is especially important in less fertile water like clear water Texas Hill Country ponds or spring fed ponds. You can consider supplemental fish feeding as a back-door way of “fertilizing” difficult to fertilize ponds and lakes.Automatic fish feeders make feeding the fish in your pond or lake easy. Set daily feeding schedules to feed your fish multiple times of the day. Fish feeders run on 6v or 12v depending on the model, and they can be connected to a solar panel for mainteance free fish feeding. A variety of fish feeders exist for your specific application. We offer shore feeders that sit on the ground, dock feeders that mount to a post and hang over the water as well as hanging bucket feeders that you can mount just about anywhere. Fish feeders are directional feeders meaning they only throw the feed out in one direction, unlike deer feeders that throw feed in a 360 degree pattern. Make your fish happy and get a fish feeder for your pond today.