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Automatic fish feeders are particularly beneficial for those with large aquariums
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This revolutionary breakthrough finally overcomes the moisture damage to fish foods normally experienced with most automatic feeders on the market. Designed for external use with salt or freshwater aquariums, the INTELLI-FEED™ is pre-programmed for 2 feedings per day (8AM and 6PM), with possible settings of up to 12 feedings daily, depending on the number of fish in the aquarium.
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Whether your feeding flake foods, pellets or crumbled feed, this hopper will hold it. With a capacity of 35 grams, its large size holds enough food to keep your fish fat while you're away. Hatch style feed door is completely adjustable, allowing you to decide how much food is dispensed at each meal. When feeding, the adjustable hatch doubles as a mixing stir bar, reducing the natural tendency for food to clump. Hopper is moisture resistant and easy to remove for filling and cleaning.

Current USA AquaChef auto fish feeder sleek contour shape and black matted texture gives a new meaning to the word style. The large digital display shows the current time and is easy to view when programming. Fully adjustable clamp allows the feeder to mount on almost any style aquarium.

Simple to program, the Current USA AquaChef timer allows you to set up to four automatic feedings per day. You can program it to feed at any hour of the day or night and have it deliver either a single or double feeding. The double feeding mode delivers two feedings within 60 seconds of each other - allowing you to feed your fish up to 8 times per day. If you'd like, you can also just press the manual override and the AquaChef will automatically deliver a single feeding at the press of a button. Battery operated automatic fish food feeder for Freshwater or Marine Aquariums
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Hey and welcome to our site! We are people that have a passion for fish, and like to give honest reviews on the best automatic fish feeders, as well as other aquarium accessories!In a nutshell, you’ll want an automatic aquarium feeder because it does things for you so you don’t have to. It saves you effort, it saves you time, and it frees you to go out of the house you’re not a shut-in like your own fish.One of the earliest patents for an automatic, electric fish feeder dates the device back to 1953, when Seymour Smolin proposed a fish feeder with timed cycles, a hopper for storage, and a device for attaching the feeder to the side of a home aquarium. Sounds pretty familiar, doesn't it?Our aquarium is a Marineland Eclipse 12 gallon tank...we've got it all set up and one fish already in..... the feeder we were interested in is a Feed Air Automatic Feeder.... i haven't bought the feeder yet, since I didn't know how to attach it... if anyone has a recommendation for a better one please let me know!