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With all the top products that I have reviewed considered, EHEIM Automatic Fish Feeder suits many fish owners with tanks and aquariums. First, it is small and easy to handle. If you have anything else in the water other than fish, they can also be fed using this automatic fish feeder, not to mention that both marine and freshwater options do not deter you from choosing the device as your fish feeder.
So, if you want such an equipment for your tank then, here are the top 7 automatic top fish feeder reviews that you can avail from the market.
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The Hydor EKOMIXO fish feeder operates on 2 AA batteries (not included) and has a low battery indicator feature. This feeder offers one touch operation making automatic fish feeding very simple. Choose from settings to feed once, twice, or three times a day. The food container can be adjusted to release your desired amount at feeding time. An optional air pump may be connected to airline to ventilate the food to prevent clumping. Timer starts when batteries are installed. For more information about the Eheim Feed Air Automatic Fish Feeder and to read product reviews from aquarium hobbyists, please visit our website:
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Have you ever had to be away from home for a few days and had to make arrangements for someone to care for your pets? Often you can take a cat or a dog with you on a road trip, or have a friend or family member take them for a few days. An aquarium is another matter since you can't easily pack up your fishes and send them for a visit with Grandma and Grandpa.

I recently reviewed the which can feed your fish for 2 or 3 days while you are gone, but what if you need to be gone a little longer? You are in luck, because Sergeant's Atlantis Vacation Automatic Fish Feeder can automatically feed your aquatic friends for up to 2 weeks.

Like the smaller Atlantis Weekend Feeders, the larger Sergeant's Atlantis Vacation Automatic Fish Feeder slowly dissolves to feed your fish over an extended period of time. Unlike the smaller weekend version that comes in a package of 4, the Vacation Feeder comes one starfish shaped .68 ounce feeder per package and can feed 10-15 average sized fish for up to 14 days.

Just drop the starfish shaped fish feeder into your aquarium and your fish will be taken care of for up to two full weeks while you go where you need to be. It isn't often that I am able to leave home for more than a few days at a time, but when I do, it is nice to know that these are available.

The time release starfish dissolve slowly so your fish won't be overfed while you are gone. I only used the larger Vacation Feeder once, but upon my return it had mostly dissolved leaving a smaller piece in the tank, so I know that my fishy friends didn't run out of food before I got back from my trip. The water was not cloudy, which means that there were no signs of overfeeding while I was away. Most importantly though, my fish all seemed happy and healthy when I returned, so I know that they were well cared for in my absence. I must admit that I was relieved, as I felt a bit guilty for leaving them alone for so long.

Although I don't like leaving any of my pets for such a long period of time unless it is really necessary, I do feel that these feeders did a good job of providing for the basic nutritional needs of my aquatic friends. These are not meant to be a regular diet for your fish, however they are adequate for occasional use. They are inexpensive, costing only a dollar or two, and much more convenient that finding someone to take care of your aquariums for a couple of weeks while you are gone. Today I review two different automatic fish feeders: the Aqua Culture Automatic Fish Feeder and the Fish Mate Fish Feeder. I used both these feeders during my recent vacation, and I can recommend either of them. Both feeders are worth buying, but you get what you pay for, and the Fish Mate food dispenser is a better value despite its higher price tag.Hey and welcome to our site! We are people that have a passion for fish, and like to give honest reviews on the best automatic fish feeders, as well as other aquarium accessories!The Eheim everyday automatic fish feeder (model 3581) is a very popular product that is rated very highly, not just in the USA but worldwide. We all know that reviews don’t lie, as most reviews are from happy customers that are verified purchasers of the product.