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Recommended for water applications like level controllers, auto top systems or other aquarium uses. Normally closed or normally open (see more) Float magnet is encased inside the float 24" leads (22 gauge wire) offer project flexibility 1/8" NPT tapered fitting - does not come with a nut…
The TUNZE Osmolator 3155 is an automatic top off (ATO) system for marine and reef aquariums
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The new Auto Top Off Kit from Neptune Systems has to be one of the most comprehensive evaporation countermeasures ever devised for the aquarium hobby. There’s been a ton of different auto top off solutions offered to the aquarium hobby in recent years, heck Auto Aqua was built from this segment of the aquarium market. auto top off | REEF2REEF Saltwater and Reef Aquarium Forum
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n Auto Top Off (ATO) system is notably one of the most important pieces of equipment for a saltwater aquarium and simply a must have for any reef keeper. The IceCap ATO monitors and replenishes evaporated water eliminating the daily task of adding water manually just to keep your aquariums water stable.Who likes to just go to work in the morning after feeding the fish with out all the hassle of topping off your reef tank. I know I do. Get one and you will love it. Quick and easy to set up. Don't forget to come join MASS Aquariums Facebook group at the link below. 1,000 members coming soon and a sweet prize for 2 lucky winners.

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DIY salt water ATO
Auto top off
Easy and cheap home made
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Sump DIY How To Howto Salt Water Pump Return Leopazzo Leopazzoinyourmouth 2012 New Learn Best Easy Help Tips Fish Bay Aquarium Tank Area Need Tutorial Tricks Please Your Ideas Needs Advice "Need Help" Techniques Free "Tank (unit)" Secrets Basic Information Beginner Beginners Quick "Please Help" Hints Instruction Lessons Use Advanced Basics Strategy "Need Your" "Can Help" Skills Instructions "Tips Tricks" "Your Help" NeededThe new aquarium hobbyist has many challenges, but none is more annoying than the chore of adding water, every day, to make up for that lost to evaporation (a.k.a. topping off/up). This alone usually makes the automatic top-off (ATO) device the first piece of automation equipment purchased.An aquarium Auto Top Off (ATO) can be use to not only top your aquarium off of evaporated water, but also be used to turn on or off anything based on water levels! This video will show you how to build one for $12!An auto top off for my saltwater aquarium using parts available at Walmart, Lowes, and (float valve)
I built it for under $50 including the two 7 gallon containers.
I lose about a gallon a day to evaporation. I have two of the blue Aquatainers from Walmart ($12-$13) I keep one on the ATO system, and one as a back up. I lose about a gallon a day to evaporation. So I switch the empty one for a full one during the weekend. This was the initial test, but it worked great once installed on my 30 gallon sump. (old aquarium)