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We spent the first week of April at the Atlantis and booked the Shark Safari & Ultimate snorkel before we left the UK. We were very impressed with the professionalism and attentiveness of the staff.
The Shark Safari was perhaps the better of the two for me and the opportunity to be down 5 or 6 metres amongst the sharks and rays was fantastic. I am a PADI qualified diver, but have been unable to dive due to ear problems, so this was really the next best thing. We were under the water a good 20 - 25 minutes and that was plenty to see the range of wildlife in the tank. Be aware before booking that this does not happen in the Ambassador Lagoon (the main aquarium tank), but in the smaller shark tank in the Aquaventure water park.
The Ultimate Snorkel was a completely different experience. We were provided with wetsuits, mask and snorkel and a floatation vest and were allowed 15 - 20 minutes snorkelling in the Ambassador Lagoon. Although it was good, it was a little disappointing not to be able to "free-dive" (i.e leave the surface). However, the range of fish and other creatures certainly meant we didn't get bored. As a bonus we were also allowed to keep the mask and snorkel!!
Two very good experiences and as I said, the staff's attention to detail and friendliness was second to none. If you have to chose one - I'd go for the Shark Safari - it's a little more interactive.
Aquaventure - Lost Chambers - Atlantis Palm Dubai - HD - AQUARIUM. Should be the Worlds largest fish tank.
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Photo provided by FlickrStock Photo - Sharks, eagle rays and other large species of saltwater fish populate an Atlantis themed tank display at a popular public aquarium.
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