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Sep 6, 2009 - Cichlids are freshwater fishes and all parrot cichlids are freshwater fishes
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Cichlids are found around the globe, in the Americas, Africa and parts of Asia. The actual number of cichlid species is unknown but estimated at more than 2000, with at least 1300 species scientifically described.With many different shapes, cichlids can range from the disk-like forms of the popular South American cichlids, the Angelfish and Discus, to the cylindrical bodied forms of the sporty African cichlids. They are very active and intriguing freshwater fish.They are categorized as "secondary freshwater fish" - meaning their ancestors were marine fish. It is believed that cichlids moved to freshwaters from the marine environment, and they have features relating to a number of marine species including the damsels, wrasses, parrot fish, and surfperches. This helps to explain why many species can do well in salty water, and in fact some species extend their range into parts of the ocean.Most of the cichlids of east Africa come from lakes that formed when two great valleys filled with water millions of years ago, but never connected. These are known as the African Rift Lakes. The rift lake cichlids from Africa have become the most popular of freshwater fish since the early 1980's.The dominant African Cichlids evolved to contain hundreds of species. African Cichlids are conservatively estimated at about 1300 species. It is estimated Lake Malawi has over 800 species, with about 300 of them currently described. Lake Tanganyika has almost 250 species.
Despite their highly exotic appearance, African cichlids are actually one of the hardiest families of freshwater fish.
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African cichlids are considered to be one of the most diverse, intelligent, active and colorful families of freshwater fish in the modern aquarium hobby. Most species of African cichlids are also fairly hardy and are perfect for both novice and experienced aquarists. That said, it is very important that aquarists carefully research each species’ specific requirements before attempting to raise them. Dec 8, 2015 - Colorful and plentiful, cichlids are a popular freshwater aquarium fish
Photo provided by FlickrCichlids are freshwater fish that can be found in Africa, South America and some parts of Asia
Photo provided by FlickrMay 26, 2011 - African cichlids are colorful, hardy and very aggressive freshwater fish.
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The number of cichlid species identified in the wild is well over 1,000 and biologists think that many more are waiting to be discovered. Cichlids are found in many locations throughout the world and include such favorites as the freshwater angelfish, the tiger oscar fish and the jack dempsey cichlid.Whether you have been keeping freshwater fish for years, maintaining a saltwater reef tank and are tired of the costs, or new to the hobby, African cichlids are fish for you. Let's see if I can’t convince you.: South American Cichlids are a diversegroup of fish often referred toas New World Cichlids. Cichlids are hardy, easy to care for fish thatadd brilliant color to the freshwater aquarium. South American Cichlidsare found from Central America through South America and can becategorized into Dwarf Cichlids, Larger Amazonian Cichlids, and LargerNeotropical Cichlids, all of which have different care levels and tankrequirements. These larger species are mostly predatory fish that areterritorial innature and should be maintained in the semi-aggressive or aggressiveaquarium. South American Cichlids have very interesting personalitiesand are extremely intelligent fish with highly evolved parental skills,making them one of the most popular groups of aquarium fish.On the whole, African cichlids are relatively intelligent fish. But perhaps even more important, they are very hardy fish, which makes them easy to maintain. Their care is not so easy, however, that it would bore the advanced, but because they’re hardy they don’t present an impossible challenge for the beginner. The fact that they are freshwater fish simplifies things a whole lot, but what makes their maintenance even easier is that they need hard, alkaline water. It’s actually cheaper and easier to make neutral water alkaline, than vice versa. If you have soft or neutral tap water, there are home remedies that work quite well. Plus, you can use all different kinds of rocks and coral to help buffer your water so that it stays alkaline. Furthermore, African cichlids have a wide range of tolerable pH levels, whereas most freshwater fish will go belly up if it moves more than 0.6, which is part of the reason why they are not as hardy as African cichlids.