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Last year, I finally bought a 125 gallon aquarium (brand new). One of the local fish stores delivers at no charge, so I went with them (their prices were reasonable too). It measures 72" x 22" x 18" (about 182.88cm x 55.88cm x 45.72" for my metric friends). I'm using it as a divider between my formal living room and my dining room. When the house was built, I originally wanted to position this along the outside wall, but the builder told me that the joists are running parallel to that wall. That's a big 'no-no' to place a tank of this size on only a couple of joists. When this aquarium is filled with water, gravel, rocks, etc... it will weigh roughly 1400 pounds (about 635kg for my metric friends). Fortunately, there is a major support beam under the flooring running across the opening between the living room and the dining room and the joists overlap on it, making it even sturdier. When my house was being inspected, I specifically asked him if that would hold up the aquarium and he said "that's where you'll want to put it".
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This high quality is made entirely of glass providing at 37 gallons is a great way to start your next to start your next aquarium. This simple, modern rectangular aquarium made of premium, strong glass is available in black or oak trim allowing you the choice the customise your tank. It is slightly smaller than a standard 40 gallon tank but still provides extensive and tranquil views through the large glass panes and offers plenty of space making it extremely versatile.Aqueon Aquariums also employ one piece centre braced frames to prevent glass bowing increasing the lifespan and quality of the product through structural strength. These features make the tank easy to setup, maintain and suitable for a variety of applications including freshwater, marine, reef and planted setups. The tank itself is very reasonably priced and good value for money however it doesn’t include a hood or lighting although these can be purchased separately to suit your needs.The tank is also quite large with dimensions of 30.2″ wide x 12.5″ deep x 22.8″ high and a total weight of around 46 pounds. As a result it may be harder to clean than smaller tanks with some customers reporting it difficult to reach into the bottom of the tank during cleaning and rearranging although this a downside with all larger aquariums.Overall, Aqueon Aquariums have produced an outstanding and high quality tank which is create for beginners and professionals alike and would be a fantastic investment for any aquatic fanatic. Check availability and purchase the . 125 Gallon Tank Stand build and Set-up - Aquarium Advice - Aquarium Forum Community
Photo provided by Flickr125 Gallon Tank Stand build and Set-up - Aquarium Advice - Aquarium Forum Community
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The stand that I picked is called "Mission Classic" - it's made of a laminate (similar to flooring) material. Both are made by Aqueon Products. I like the Aqueon 125 gallon tanks more than the Marineland/ Perfecto tanks because that other brand only has a single cross brace, whereas this one has two on the top and bottom plastic frames. FYI, in foreign countries, their aquariums do NOT have a plastic frame on the top nor bottom, they just use extra thick glass and support the edges with additional pieces of glass. The stand doesn't have much of a back though; that kind of has me worried. I plan to eventually get some wooden doors mounted on the back since this aquarium can be seen on both sides. I noticed a couple of areas in the stand where the dowels weren't glued too well, so I'll have to go in and glue them back.Because I have the Aqueon 125 gallon aquarium tank, I bought the Aqueon glass Versa Tops for their 125 gallon aquarium tank. Unlike the Marineland brand whicn only has one cross bar on the plastic frame, the Aqueon brand has two, so you need to match up the brands of the glass tops. I've already measured and tested to make sure that the Coralife light strip will fit on the Versa Top. You want to be able to open the Versa top lid without having to remove the light strip (which I have to currently do for my 55 gallon tank) - that is a big pain, especially when the lights fall out on the floor and shatter!Last year, I had already planned to buy the 125 gallon aquarium, so I went ahead and started buying the accessories. I started off by buying the filter. In this case, I chose the Eheim Professional 3 model 2080 (the largest of the Pro 3 series). This unit is a canister filter, has two hoses for inputs (for water going into the filter) and one hose for output (back into the aquarium tank), has a primer button to start the siphoning, a flow control switch and a flow control meter, holds 4 liters of Efimech media (looks like short macaroni noodles), 8 liters of Substrat pro media (looks like Coco Pufffs), a coarse sponge for mechanical filtration, and a fine woven material for smaller materials. It pumps out 450 gallons per hour and even has wheels so you can tilt and roll it out of the stand / cabinet. It's slightly larger than a 5 gallon (about 18.9 liters) bucket. Comes with a 3 year warranty. I'm not sure there will be enough flow to prevent "dead spots" in the tank, so I am thinking of adding a powerhead (or two). Interestingly, the filter does NOT come with all of the necessary media, so I had to order the media separately.I've used Seachem Flourite for many years and I have lots to spare, so I poured it into the 125 gallon aquarium. Since I'm trying to follow the Amano style of using a lighter colored sand in the foreground and creating a "path" to the back of the tank, I mound the Flourite roughly in the necessary position. I'm aiming for a 3" depth in the rear with a 2" depth in the front.