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Learn how to set up a turtle tank for an aquatic turtle in this pet care video from Howcast.
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Pretty Pets Aquatic Turtle Food is designed specifically to meet your pet's unique nutritional needs. These multi-colored floating pellets are loaded with essential vitamins and protein for energy and growth, with a flavor aquatic turtles love.

Turtle Care: How to Care for Pet Turtles Like an Expert. (Aquarium and Turtle Mastery) by David Chipperfield. .99
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Red-eared slider turtles are considered a significant threat to native turtle species - they mature more quickly, grow larger, produce more offspring and are more aggressive. Numerous studies provide evidence that red-eared slider turtles can out-compete native turtles for food and nesting and basking sites. Because red-eared slider turtles eat plants as well as animals, they could also have a negative impact on a range of native aquatic species, including rare frogs. There is also a significant risk that red-eared slider turtles will transfer diseases and parasites to native reptile species. There is evidence that a malaria-like parasite was spread to two wild turtle populations in Lane Cove River, Sydney. Each of these aquatic turtles has its own unique physical traits and habits, but we think that each is just as rewarding a pet as the last.
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Most people keep their pet turtles in aquariums but that doesn’t mean you have to. Anything that holds a lot of water will work. Large tubs, plastic pond liners, and anything you can think of. Aquariums are the most popular because you can watch your pet turtles through the tank inside your house and they are easy to buy and setup.Empty the tank you plan on using for your turtle tank. Do not use any chemicals when it comes to washing the tank. Pure water is the only think you want to use. Buy aquarium safe sponges from pet stores to wash out your aquarium. Scotch brite pads and similar abrasive like pads scratch glass and then in those cracks like crazy. Just rinse and rub with pure water. Keeping it as simple as possible eliminates unwanted additives to your tank.Your turtle will live in water and that water will get very dirty. This is where a fish aquarium filter comes in to save you. Instead of having to change that water all the time, you use the filter to do the dirty work for you. Turtles are dirty pets so the bigger the filter the better. Warning- these can sometimes be expensive.. but save a lot of time down the road and help keep your water clean.History:
Aquatic turtles are one of the most common types of turtles in the world. Aquatic turtles are native to nearly every country and climate, except areas of great extremes such as the Mojave desert in the United States or in northern Canada or Russia. Aquatic turtles are the most popular type of turtle sold in pet stores in North America and enjoy moderate popularity as pets throughout much of the rest of the world.Even small turtles need plenty of living space. For aquatic turtles this means tanks. Buying a larger enclosure early will save you money. There are plenty of suitable alternatives to glass aquariums that will provide equally as much space (if not more) for a fraction of the price. The only sacrifice you make is the aesthetics of a glass aquarium. Believe it or not, solid and opaque walls are healthier for your turtles. Make sure you check out prices before purchasing that cute little turtle in the pet store. Just as important, make sure you have the room for a tank of the proper size. Enclosures for tortoises and terrestrial turtles can be less expensive than aquatic turtle habitats, however they do require a more hands-on approach. There are no great terrestrial habitats available commercially. A good terrestrial habitat can be made from things like bookshelves, or unused pieces of furniture that you remodel. Try googling a tortoise table!There are many different species of aquatic turtles that can be kept as pets or as a hobby, and choosing the right one is an important decision. In fact, you really need to be sure that you want to have a turtle at all. Turtles can live a very long time, so the turtle you choose will likely be your for many years. You don't want to get bored with your turtle (or for your turtle to get bored with you!).