A freshwater aquarium with plants and tropical fish

Aquatic Plant - White Lily Water lilies are available in hardy and tropical varieties
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Water determines the two most basic aquarium classifications: versus . Most fish and plant species tolerate only a limited temperature range; tropical aquaria, with an average temperature of about 25 °C (77 °F), are much more common. Cold water aquaria are for fish that are better suited to a cooler environment. More important than the range is consistency; most organisms are not accustomed to sudden changes in temperatures, which can cause shock and lead to disease. Water temperature can be regulated with a and heater (or cooler).
i brought some plants for my tropical aquarium and planted them on monday 5th..
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Citation: Adelakun KM, Kehinde AS, Amali RP, Ogundiwin DI, Omotayo OL (2016) Nutritional and Phytochemical Quality of Some Tropical Aquatic Plants. Poult FishWildl Sci 4:164. doi:10.4172/2375-446X.1000164 Results 11 - 20 - Tropical Fish Hobbyist Magazine's aquatic plant species profiles.
Photo provided by FlickrAnother tropical choice of free-floating aquatic plants is the water hyacinth
Photo provided by FlickrBEST Live Plants for Tropical Aquariums - My Top Two - YouTube
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Florida Aquatic Nurseries is the largest grower of aquatic plants in the United States. We produce and sell over 160 varieties of waterlilies made up of both hardy waterlilies and tropical waterlilies. Waterlilies can be purchased either bare root or potted. We also hybridize waterlilies with many award winning Nymphaea varieties like Moon Dance, Ultra Violet, Tanzanite, Virginia McLane, Hot Pink, William McLane, and Key Lime. Besides waterlilies, Florida Aquatic Nurseries grows over 120 varieties of marginal or pond plants including both the hardy varieties and the tropical varieties. Examples are iris, cattail, papyrus, umbrella palms, rushes, reeds, dwarf papyrus, golden club, parrots feather, zebra rush and many more. Over a dozen varieties of lotus are available as tubers. In addition to these water garden plants we also grow surface plants like water hyacinth, snowflakes, water lettuce, and water poppy. Lastly we carry a large variety of oxygenating plants for your pond including anacharis, hornwort, tape grass, bacopa and many more. Our quality of water garden plants is superior to all with very competitive pricing. Whether you are a retail store looking to increase the quality and selection of your water gardening area or a local distributor looking for starter plants we have it all so please contact us with any questions. Click on the names of the plants for additional information and pictures. You can learn what the hardiness zones are, what size pond or water garden each aquatic plant is best suited for, and see many pictures. More information and pictures are continually added to each plant so if you don't see what you are looking for yet check back soon. Narrator: If you’re looking for a hobby that’s both relaxing and entertaining, nothing beats an aquarium. Aquariums are pieces of art -- brought to life by colorful tropical fish gliding among lush aquatic plants -- that add mesmerizing, ever-changing beauty to a home or office setting.Aquascaping your aquarium gives makes fish happy and healthy. Many tropical fish are native to a world that includes aquatic plants. Live aquarium plants serve as food for aquatic life and also provide fish and fish fry places for retreat. Your fish will behave more naturally, display better finnage and courtship behaviors, and have more intense coloring.Narrator: Raised on high-tech farms, Florida-grown tropical fish, aquatic plants and even corals are healthier and less expensive than their imported counterparts. They are not susceptible to the pests and pathogens found in foreign waters, and their harvesting doesn’t impact the fragile underwater ecosystems the way collecting wild species can.