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Learn how to spruce up your aquarium by choosing the best live plants for betta fish
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If the betta fish aquarium is 2.5 gallons or larger, you should probably provide a filter. These larger betta tanks provide a nice amount of room for your betta fish to find places to escape any current put out by an aquarium filter.
Learn how to spruce up your aquarium by choosing the best live plants for betta fish.
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The key to growing plants is how much light they will receive. If you get a double fluorescent bulb for your 5 gallon tank, you should be able to grow medium to low-light requiring plants.

Anubias (dwarf varieties) Cryptocorynes (short varieties like 'wendtii') Valisneria spirilis, Java Fern and Java moss are all small low light plants. Stem plants like Hornwort, Anacharis and Wisteria will all grow, too, but may grow so fast you might need to keep only the growing tip and discard the older part of the plant.

In my experience, Amazon Swords are pretty tall growing plant that need lots of light. The one exception (or possibly just the only one I've succeeded with) is the Ozelot Sword which has leaves that are mottled red and green when young. It also stays rather short, for a sword plant, so it would fit in a five gallon tank. The other plants I've enjoyed working with are the "betta Bulbs" that are sold as tiny dried tuber in plastic packaging. These are members of the apogeneton family. Different varieties are included in the mix and some of these become very long-lived and beautiful plants.

If your local Petco has a good aquatic section. you should be able to find great plants there. Just make sure the plants you buy are truly aquatic plants. My Petco stores stock many plants that can take very wet conditions but fail if completely submerged. Liriope, Spathiphyllum, Dracaena sanderiana (lucky bamboo) and Pothos/Philodendron are some of these.

Remember that your petco will special order for you if there's a specific type of plant you want but don't find in stock.

(Photo above is my 30 gallon tank. Fish include Yo-Yo Loaches, Harlequin and Espei Rasboras and one Red Tail Black Shark. Plants include Hygrophila 'Temple' (on either end), Wisteria (ferny plant in the center left), Cryptocorynes (center and foreground) and Dwarf Anubias (foreground right). Lighting is double bulb fluorescent in a room with a southern exposure and lots of natural light .)

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The photos plant is another safe plant for your Betta. This plant is usually found in terrariums and fish aquariums and is ideal for indoor setups because it does not require much light. The water sprites and java fern plants are also other acceptable plants you can use in your Betta's recreated habitat.One thing to keep in mind with java ferns is that you need to make sure not to plant them too deep. Their rhizome should in no circumstance be buried under the substrate; only what is brown, the roots, should be buried. These things do grow pretty fast, but they are known to float around. To stop them from floating around you can always tie them down to some driftwood or a rock with some fishing line. The java fern makes for a cool hiding spot for your betta fish no doubt, plus it is good for filtering your aquarium water too.