3. Will aquarium plants grow under LED lights?

New 2017 – LED Reef Aquarium Lighthighest performance level and maximum photochemical efficiency!
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The LED Aqualight provides full-coverage high-intensity lighting required for medium to high light level corals and freshwater plants. Each fixture is preloaded with a combination of 3W LED Tri-Lamps that provide light output similar to a 4-lamp T5 HO fixture. Additional open slots can be filled with Tri-lamps to increase light output and customize light color combination.
The guide below will (hopefully) help you choose the best LED lighting for your aquarium.
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The bottom line is when you compare an LED Aquarium light to the many popular CFLs and even T5s in terms of lumens per watt, focused lumens, PAR, PUR, lower wasted yellow/green light energy, low heat output, energy consumption, long life (25,000 to 50,000 hours vs. 8000 hours), the modern recent generations of LED Fixtures are generally the best available aquarium light.
This includes the patented emitter ultra premium high PUR per watt AquaRay AquaBeam or GroBeam LEDs as well as the still VERY capable Aqua Illuminations, EcoTech Radion, ZetLight (aka Maxspect), and few others.
Most premium LEDs are a better light even in long term cost since (as an example) a 12 Watt Aqua Ray GroBeam 6500K daylight (either #600 Strip or Mini #400 Tile) can easily replace a up to a 80 Watt power compact (also daylight) when you compare ALL aspects of lighting as presented in this article. 7. How to hang aquarium LED lights?
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Each LED Aqualight comes preloaded with a combination of easily removable, replaceable and interchangeable 3W LED Tri-Lamps that provide optimal light output similar to a 4-lamp T5 HO fixture. In addition, each fixture also has open slots so you can simply add more Tri-Lamps to increase light output and customize light color combinations for any aquarium.Actinic lamps emulate the softer shade of blue light found at dawn, dusk, and in deeper water. Promotes photosynthesis in corals and live plants while enhancing the natural beauty and vibrant color of aquatic inhabitants. This 3 watt Tri-Lamp contains 3 blue, 450nm LEDs.10,000K Daylight lamps cast sparkling white bright light to simulate the midday tropical sun. They are an excellent choice for fresh or saltwater tropical aquariums. This 3 watt Tri-Lamp contains 3 cool white LEDs.Get the ultimate DIY book:

The super charged version of this light:

Length: 16 feet
LED quantity: 300
Type: waterproof
Parts: +24Key Remote+12V Power Supply
Sold on Amazon and Ebay. A simple search will help you find it.

Another cheap and easy aquarium light: ...

stronger DIY led build: ...

Watch the aquariums in this video get built: ...

These are not a practical choice for a planted aquarium. They are no where near as strong as what would be needed. I mention their ideal use in the video and also mention they would not be useful on a planted tank or reef tank.

Each LED is not even 1 watt. they are closer to 0.10 watts.

A planted tank needs around 30 watts per square foot of tank.

EXAMPLE: So for an 4 foot long 55 gallon planted aquarium (4 square feet) we need 120 watts of LED lighing power.

Even if we buy the 60 LED/meter light strip, that would only be around 8 watts of power.

MEANING you will need to buy 15 of these strips to MAYBE match what a good LED light fixture can do. (15 strips = $345)

You are better off buying a proper planted tank LED light or building the more powerful LED system i have shown in a previous video.The graphs below are a measurement of visible light output from 400-700nm, measured at 12" from the center of the fixture. Each graph compares the LED Aqualight to the T5 HO Lunar Aqualight.The Aquatic life Expert series 14" model comprises 24 Cree LED`s: 8-White XPG, 8-Blue XPE, 6-Royal Blue XPE and 2-Red XPE, arranged as shown in Figure 5. The LEDs can be controlled through the The T-Time Software which enables custom programming of the LEDs. . Included in this customization is the ability to create 18 different light color combinations, three 24 hr cycles, control cloud cover, lightning storms and lunar light. Once programmed, the Light Fixture is controlled with the handheld remote.